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At what stage do you help and guide Start-ups?

We help and guide Start-ups from pre-conceptualisation stage to Initial Public Offerings stage.

At what stage should we register as a company?

You should register as a company either when it is a pre-condition for getting incubated or getting registered as a company is a pre-condition for registering under some program or facility being offered by central or state government . You may also register as a company when your revenue stream is decent and you have to proceed to raise funds.

Can you register us as a Company?

We can register you as a company but we advise you to go through your Chartered Accountant. If you do not have any known Chartered Accountant we can recommend one for you. We help you make and finalise your Memorandum and Articles of Association.

What is a Section 8 Company?

Section 8 (earlier Section 25) company is a Not-For-Profit company. Companies engaged in business are not registered as Section 8 Company under Company Law in India

Should we form a Partnership firm or One Man Company or LLP or a Private Limited Company or a Public Limited Company? Do you help us in this regards.

In most cases you may start as a Partnership firm. In due course it could be changed to Private Limited Company. Depending upon the requirements one of the above legal forms could be adopted. We can certainly help you to take right decision. This is an important and critical decision often overlooked by start-ups.

How do you help in Pitching Decks for competitions or for fund raising?

We analyse and evaluate pitching deck prepared by you and suggest to you modifications and improvements.

What kind of legal, commercial and financial advice you give?

Starting from formation of legal entity for setting up business to vetting of Prospectus for Initial Public Offering we help you streamline your documentation and vet the legal documents prepared by others. This may include your Agreement with the Incubator or Accelerator or other players in the eco-system. We do evaluation of commercial offers and deals. In addition to doing  valuations we help in formalising and finalising documents like Subscriber’s Agreement & Shareholder’s Agreement. On Commercials and financials, we can help you on Term Sheet vetting, Salary structuring, funding negotiations, ESOPs related stuff etc. for initial stages.

Can you help us in salary structuring and ESOPs?

We can help you in such processes.

What services do you provide when we are a start up in advanced stage?

We can be with you on your side for discussion and negotiations with Private Equity players or Investment Bankers.