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Why do I need any preparation before joining a job? What advantage I will get?

In corporate world, many a times your first impression sets the tone for your next 3-5 years of career. It drives important things like important project allocations, onsite preferences and promotions. Being prepared beforehand keeps you ahead of your colleagues who did not make any preparations before joining. This shall help you to get noticed in the short run and will help you with better networking in medium to long term.

I have joined job in IT (or any stream) as it was readily available on offer in my campus? But I want to join e-commerce? Can you help?

YES. In the early stages of career it is quite easy to switch to your choice of domain with right set of knowledge and networking. We will first start with understanding why you want to switch stream and then help you strategize your plans.

Can you also guide/advise me through Organizational Politics or handling the bosses? Is there a method to manage this also?

Yes. This is possible and necessary. We shall guide you for not only sailing through but using it as a tool for career advancement.

I am not getting Onsite opportunity. How can you help?

Onsite opportunities depends on multiple factors such as availability, office politics, relevant skills, your image with the various stakeholders etc. We shall guide you to project your best-self to enhance and improve  your chances.

I am not getting promotions though am the best sales person/ performer by far in my team. How can you help?

We shall discuss the situation and work out a plan because many a times promotions are dependent on office politics, your image with  the various stakeholders and your units performance.

Why I need guidance for filling up DAF? Isn't it straight forward based on my credentials in schooling, college and my hobbies and achievements?

This is the single most important document for your interview. More than 90% candidates do not pay enough attention to filling up DAF which results in to poor performance in interview. This needs careful attention where we guide you.

I am a coaching student of …………. Is their guidance not enough? How you can help me?

These coaching centres give you opportunity to appear in mock interviews. We go beyond. Both can be complimentary and supplementary to each other.

IS Industry / location really important? How can you help?

Yes, it is important and very important in certain cases. We can guide you to plan in this regard.

How CV can create a difference in campus job interviews? Isn't it based on certain criteria (like cutoff marks, specialization etc.) and rest rely on your performance in Interview?

CV always makes a difference. It is your first impression on the interviewer. Many a time the interview is directed by whatever you write in resume including some of the softer aspects rather than technical competencies. In addition, CVs should be used as means to improve your profile and career. We can discuss  these aspects and help you prepare a CV best suited to match your aspirations.