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What happens in a counselling session?

Counselling Session is to understand complete background and the requirement of the candidate to enable to guide him/her step by step.

Am I eligible to study abroad?

If you have done 10+2, in most countries, you are eligible for admission in an undergraduate program. For graduate (known as Post Graduate in India) program you should have at least 16 years of education or say 4 years of education after class 12.

Will my overseas qualification be accepted in my home country?

Yes, for academic purposes, if it is recognized by Association of Indian Universities (AIU). As far as industry is concerned they take their own decision.

How do I decide on a country to study abroad?

It depends on one’s own choice, discipline, purpose, social connect, future economy of the country concerned and few other aspects.

What’s the importance of SOP and LOR?

Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letter of Recommendation (LOR) are very important components for admission to overseas programs in particular. Proper SOPs and LORs make substantial difference in the process of admission in foreign universities.

How much importance should I give to the choice of course over the ranking of university?

This has many dimensions. We can discuss with you and help you to take right decision.

Why should I opt for a paid advisor when free counselling services exist?

It is entirely your choice. You make payment where you get value for your money. In our experience, the free counselling services have tie-ups with universities and hostels on commission basis for application, seat etc. Their priority lies to fulfill those commitments driven by business interests. We focus on understanding your ambitions, talent and abilities and try to guide you to get best for your future, utilising best of your potentials. Ultimately, choice is yours and we respect your choice.

If I am a teacher at a degree college, what are the chances of my getting a corporate job?

It is possible, based on the relevance of your qualification, experience, knowledge and skill set with regard to the need of the industry.

For a faculty member in a degree college, what are the career opportunities outside Academics?

There are opportunities in industry, government and social sector. This depends on variety of factors including age, qualification, discipline, experience, family background, skills and location and requirements of the potential employer.

As a PhD aspirant, what are the factors I should keep in mind while choosing my guide?

We shall facilitate choosing the right guide in a given situation.

As a PhD aspirant, what are the factors I should keep in mind while choosing the university?

This depends on multiple factors including the purpose of doing PhD, background of candidate, future aspirations, location, cost and convenience etc. We shall discuss and tell you what may suit best in your case.

I am in the middle of my PhD, and I am not sure if I should continue. What are my options?

We can discuss and explore alternatives and help you finalise one.

What topics will you cover in ‘Political Administration of Thesis’ session?

Political administration will cover contradictory and troubling situations between the scholar and the supervisor, between supervisor & co-supervisor, between supervisor and other faculty members and so on.

What should I expect in a ‘thesis guidance’ session?

A thesis guidance session will be as per the requirement of the person. It may include where to pursue PhD, with whom to register and what could be possible topic/s of research and how to take it up further.