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As a part of the process of giving back to the society Professor Vinay K Nangia provides help and
guidance to

  • Students (14 and above)
  • Ph.D. Scholars
  • Teachers/Faculty
  • Business Executives
  • Civil Services Aspirants for Interviews
  • Startups
  • Entrepreneurs

Without any fees or charges
For Higher Education, Career Advancement and Commercial, Financial and Legal advice to Start-ups.

Education Advisory

With over 22 years in Higher Education as a Professor and over 9 years as Head of Department, Professor Nangia has guided 500+ Students in admission to various UG/PG Programs of institutes/universities in India and 100+ students for admission in various MS & MBA Programs in the last 25 years, moving to USA & Europe.

Professor Nangia is on various Academic & Administrative bodies like Board of Governors, Senate, Academic Councils and Board of Studies of IITs, Central & State Universities, Private & Deemed-to-be Universities.

He has Guided and Supervised Ph.D. Scholars in three Universities. He is Ph.D. Thesis Examiner for IITs and Central & State Universities.

Career Counselling

Dr. Vinay K Nangia has over 24 years’ work experience in senior and top positions in manufacturing and service sectors in India and abroad.

He has guided more than 75 young business executives with up to 3 years’ experience and more than 25 business executives with 5+ years’ experience.

Dr. Nangia has more than 15 years’ experience of taking UPSC interviews for Civil Services.

As an invited expert he has delivered more than 30 Workshops/ Seminars/ Sessions for CV making & Preparation for Interviews in various parts of India.

Professor Nangia has guided 1000+ UG/PG students moving into job market from within and outside campus.

Start-up Advisory

Dr. Vinay Nangia has over 24 years of experience in Business, Industry and Banking in India and Overseas including setting up new projects & new businesses in India and overseas. He was instrumental in setting up MBA in Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Venture Development program in 2019.

In last 15 years he has mentored over 100 Start-ups, more particularly, for commercial, financial and legal aspects at various stages of development. He is an invited Judge in various competitions like Hackathons etc.

As an Investment Banker  he has handled debt and equity instruments in money and capital markets, large number of IPOs, valuations, Deal Making, Due Diligence, Take-overs and Negotiations.

What They’re Saying

Prof. Nangia is an embodiment and personification of true professionalism, mentoring, guidance, counselling, enthusiasm, charm, logic, leadership, brilliance, knowledge, and experience and result orientation. If you do not wish to get your capabilities challenged, he is not someone you should be working with. No space for average performers to work with him. There are no sweet pills in his armour. The hall mark of his working style - set very high standards of performance and then make people achieve those. I owe my association and success with academia to him. He transformed an industry professional into a contributor to academia. And I am not the only one - the list is endless. The best time to see him in action is when he is among his students. The success of his students is the fuel to his engine of transforming individuals. Many of us are truly blessed to have him as our mentor. So much to learn every day from him.
Prof. Nangia is not only a career guide but also a career maker. His personalized guidance and mentorship to my son Vatsal was the sole ingredient of his success in laying the foundation of his future in the USA. It is indeed amazing to experience his selfless, all-encompassing, holistic, collaborative, connected, analytical and logical approach to offering a helping hand to young budding professionals. Wish many more students turn sound professionals through his guidance and mentorship.

Dr. Lovneesh ChananaVice President Government Affairs (Asia Pacific and Japan) SAP New Delhi

For almost two decades I have known Professor Vinay Nangia as a Professor, Head of the Department at IIT Roorkee, Ph.D. Guide, and as Consultant to various projects assigned to IIT Roorkee from UNDP, World Bank, Government of India, State Governments and MNCs. Prof. Nangia has served as a banker in India and abroad, as a top-level business executive in India and overseas and in Education domain as a Professor for a total period of 46 years. In addition to being Head of Department of Management Studies three times, he has been on the boards and councils of various universities and likes of All India Management Association (AIMA) Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and Indian Institute of Material Management. He has authored two books, one on Management Education i.e. “Masters Speak” and another on Banking “Smart Banking- an Introduction”. A man with a pleasant disposition, always cheerful, with incomparable enthusiasm and unending energy. Dr. Vinay Nangia is a sweetheart of students who swear by him. He is always available to students of all age groups for any guidance, advice, help, support, and mentoring: be it for higher education, placements, job hunt, preparing CV or preparation for Interviews or career counselling. Students come to him for the choice of courses, programs, colleges, universities, choice of companies, career, and even for preparation for Civil Services exams conducted by UPSC.

Dr. Nirmaljeet Singh Kalsi IAS (retd)Former ACS Home PB, MHA GoI, UOR, IIT Delhi, Harvard Kennedy S I Cambridge JBS Chandigarh, Chandigarh

I have known Professor Vinay K Nangia since 2003 when I joined IIT Roorkee as a Faculty. After being a successful banker and a business leader in India and overseas he had a stint of entrepreneurship. In 1998 when he joined IIT Roorkee as a Professor he was instrumental in setting up MBA (1998) and MCA (1999) programs. In 2019 he guided and mentored setting up of BBA MBA & MBA in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Venture Development programs in NSUT Dwarka, New Delhi as Emeritus Professor. In last 22 years as a Professor he has taught, trained, counselled, coached, guided, advised and mentored thousands of students in the choice of courses, programs, choice of colleges and Universities in India and overseas for higher studies. He conducted number of workshops and sessions for CV and Resume making and Interviews on a regular basis. Students always surrounded him for guidance for higher education, preparation for Civil Services selection and career counselling. He was involved in setting up of Incubation centre in very early stage at IIT Roorkee. Number of students from main campus and Saharanpur campus always looked up to him for validation of ideas, commercial, financial and legal advice and early stage funding. Number of Startups from IIT Roorkee from within and outside campus have been mentored by him in last 15 years. Professor Nangia is a regular Speaker at Faculty Development Programs of Delhi University and many other institutions.

Professor Santosh RangnekarFormer Head, Department of Management Studies IIT Roorkee, Uttarakhand

Books by Dr. Vinay Kumar Nangia

Masters Speak

Smart Banking

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