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1. Learn about golf, wine and specialty food. A large number of successful persons across the world play golf. If one travels in first or business class (job profile, status and occasion determines that), the person sitting next may like to break the ice by talking about golf or wine. This is very common. It is important to know the basic rules of golf, knowledge of golf courses, producers of and types of golf kits ,knowledge of golf accessories, best known golf course designers and  knowledge of best golf courses around the world,. Likewise basic knowledge of red, white and sparkling wine is a must and which vineyards are associated with the famous wines. . One should know which wine is served when and goes with what kind of food. Its always good to know fine points about what type of glasses are used for different wines.

2. Books and Magazines. A person from corporate world wanting to do networking must know about, recommended fiction and non-fiction books and best known magazines, Harvard Business Review, Economist, Fortune and Forbes, just to name a few. Others who may not be in the business or corporate world should keep abreast with the latest appearing in Time, National Geography etc.  In order to select the books for this purpose, one can see the current best sellers as well as all time classics being sold at book shops at international airports and the books being reviewed in the best of the magazines and newspapers.

3. Opening dialogue and topic of discussion. One needs to have a knack of initiating conversation. Sometimes it may be beneficial or advantageous to initiate discussion on topics like future, futurology or mega trends or emerging trends in technology or life styles or any such subject of general interest. This does give a leeway and a good beginning to open a dialogue specifically if you want to get started with a stranger. Political topics should generally be avoided as one does not know the leanings of the other person. And it may be likely that the other person is much more knowledgeable than the person initiating the dialogue. In such case the targeted person does not see any value add and may consider it to be waste of his time and may completely shut off. This may result into complete loss of opportunity to begin with. Hence, the opening of a dialogue should be on a topic of very general interest including some time topic like weather. The art of conversation lies in finding out what interests the other person and initiate and keep the discussion centered on that topic.

4. Attending and throwing parties. When attending parties one should not be the first to reach the party venue but surely should not be late either. Reaching very early may become a pain for the host and reaching late smacks of arrogance or indiscipline. One should give the gift immediately on arrival; this marks the presence and attendance both, of the invitee. Gift must be chosen very carefully in line with the taste and status of the host as also the occasion. In case of doubt a bouquet of flowers may be the best choice. Timely entry also helps if one plans to leave early or in case of an exigency very early. It is a good practice to wish and say good bye to the host before leaving. One should also admire the arrangements at the party and the food served unless it was really terrible. No serious business should be discussed during the party except with your boss or colleagues if necessary or if you do not have any thing else to do.  Small introductions with people being met for the first time are the main advantage of attending such events. One should get to know who is who in such parties either directly or indirectly. The dress for the parties should be conservative decent unless a theme dress is prescribed for the party. It is only celebrities who may take their own call as far as party dress is concerned. The host also can decide to dress the way he or she likes.
If one is organising a party be one should be careful about the date, venue, timings and the  dress code to be prescribed .The list of invitees should be carefully prepared .Its advisable not to mix two different types of group/s in the same party. Quite often people in different groups are not comfortable with each other and tend to remain in their own circle. As a host one has to ensure that no guest, irrespective of social status and standing of the guest, feels ignored, avoided or left out. It is better not to invite than to make the guest feel insulted. The host should continuously keep moving  at the party venue and make sure that he or she is  easily accessible to all the guests. He or she should spend good time at entry and exit points of the venue at least for thirty to fort minutes in the beginning and at the end of the party to welcome and send off the guests.