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High-end Networking may be described as getting connected with people who have ARRIVED in their respective fields of profession, endeavor or practice; who are considered successful in their field.

High-end Networking may take place among high-end and high-end people or between middle and high-end people, or even between low-end and high-end persons. Low or lower end people may be described as entry level or early career persons mostly in the age group of 20 30 years of age. People in the middle would typically be in 30 45 year age bracket yearning to reach high point of their career or profession or in society in general.

  High-end to High-end networking without any special efforts is likely to happen more in the case of extroverts who are already accomplished in their respective fields. Mid-level persons get more opportunities to network with High-end people by virtue of their status and position as also their age profile as compared to youngsters who may need to put more efforts to work for High-end networking. But this would take conscious efforts and planning on the part of Mid-level persons.

High-end Networking may take place in one’s own profession or career or across different professional fields and careers or in pure social context or in a combination of some or all of theses.

High-end Networking is a better, faster and quite often a stepping stone to success if handled properly. Each person also has to assess carefully as to what are they brining on the table and ensure that they don’t impose themselves on senior persons. A word of caution; high-end Networking is not to be done or practiced at the cost of vertical and horizontal networking or specific group/s or purpose-focused networking.

Seminars, workshops, conferences, meetings, symposia and summit offer wonderful opportunities for professional networking.  Wedding, anniversary and birthday parties thrown by or for successful persons as also high society parties are also occasions for prospecting targets for high end networking. Air travel particularly in first and business class as also stay in high-end and exclusive resorts are other good places to prospect and practice networking.
High-end Networking may be generic or purpose specific. In the first case the objective is to network first and then work on strategies for deriving the benefits. In other case, one can target the people as per the objective of networking.

(Some helpful hints for high-end networking to follow in the next blog)