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Corona or Covid 19 continues to play havoc.

We are unlikely to overcome impending situation and be in control in 2020.

It may be early to predict the impact of pandemic.

Yet it is time to take a pause, having moved too fast in last few years. And think of likely issues which may emerge and challenges we may have to face in the near and far future.

Often we hear the phrase we are in a World War. The size and scale of pandemic is reminiscent of world war except that this time all the countries of the world are on one side and are fighting an unknown enemy.

Therefore, as it happens, after the world wars there will be major changes in the world of today we are living in.

The impact in some areas may be very little or little, whereas in others it may be noticeable. The impact of this pandemic could be major or phenomenal or even far reaching in certain aspects and sectors. Some changes may be immediate or in a very short term, some may be seen in medium term and some may be visible only in the long run.

Immediate issues and challenges include containing the spread of the virus, substantially increasing the testing and hospital facilities, finding medical solution to the problem, making the quarantines and lockdowns possible and effective and maintaining the supply line of essentials to all.

In the immediate future issues will include maintaining the production and supply lines of raw materials and stored and finished goods. Ensuring that unemployment does not reach unmanageable levels. This will be the foremost challenge for all nations. Increasing requisite healthcare facilities shall continue to remain a priority in the immediate future.

In the near future attention will be paid to rebuild the economies and efforts to bring back life to normal. Relocation of production and manufacturing bases shall be explored by companies and countries. Cash rich corporations will go for takeovers, mergers and acquisitions. Result of Presidential elections in USA in November 2020 will decide and impact the new world order through shaping of inter-governmental and multilateral institutions. Trump winning or not winning the election will also shape the future of politics and politicians in many, if not most, countries of the world. In the next 12 to 18 months actions of trans-national and multi-national corporations, result of US presidential election, and response of China to the backlash, it is likely to face, will impact next few decades. Actions and policies framed by G 20 countries and OPEC countries in the next couple of years will bring about global changes. In the near future new geo-political realities will emerge.

In the short to medium term research relating to bio-technology will receive huge attention and funding. Regulatory authorities will exercise their influence on data privacy, data control and economic protectionism. In the medium term new world order with regard to legal, financial and scientific research will emerge.

In the long term, one may hope, life styles and habits may change. Long term changes will be with regard to psychological and social changes in individual and society and systemic changes in healthcare, education, entertainment and governance.

Let us hope mankind will be more kind and human shall be more humane.