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Narendra Modi could lead BJP to absolute majority in recent Lok Sabha elections. Advani was not very wrong when he said there is need to assess the role and contribution made by Modi in the victory of BJP.
BJP won because congress failed in almost every department of politics and governance, both,  from the perspective of organisation and leadership. The other political parties have been singing the same old tune. There was vacuum of leadership at the national level. Arvind Kejriwal misread the mind of electorate. He miscalculated resource requirement in terms not only of money but time and organisation. 
Modi won because he had done extensive home work. He has been a strategist par excellence. He concentrated on his track record of good governance, prepared for elections very well in advance and used his organising capability and oratory to the hilt. Modi has an uncanny eye for picking up competent people as his advisors and associates. He used media, electronic and social media, to his advantage, particularly in connecting with the youth. He took bold steps of taking politicians like Yedurappa, Ram Vilas Paswan and Raj Thakrey on his side. He never showed his dependence on regional leaders like Jayalalitha and Mamta Banerjee. It was a calculated move which paid off.
His aggressive stance, as deliberated upon in his speeches, in last two months, made even issues like corruption and inflation look pale in the face of his promise of development. He completely encashed the anger of the poor and middle class voters against the UPA and on hopes of the youth in the country.