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One should spend good time in deciding about the dress and personal accessories before going for an interview.

The dress should be in tune with the job requirement for which person is going to get interviewed.

Ordinarily a person is expected to be dressed in formals at such occasions. If the person does not dress in formal, it may be construed that his attitude or approach is callous or careless. This may also happen due to the artistic nature or bold attitude of the person.The shoes, the tie and the cuff links every thing shows the personality as well as the seriousness attached to the process of the interview. The cell phone; the brand, the model and the cost can also indicate economic back ground of the person or how tech savy he or she is.

Some safe bets include a formal dress I.e white  or pastel colour shirt, preferably plain or may  be with self design, with contrasting or similar colour trouser as per prevailing trend and leather shoes preferably with laces. Brand new shoes must not be put on for the first time in the interview. It is better if any new dress, suit, trouser or shoes etc. is being used for the first time it. should have been already used at least a couple of times before the day of the interview. It is better to be  dressed in a formal suit but this shall also depend on climate, weather, kind of office where interview is taking place and the culture of the company for which one is being interviewed. It is always safe to carry a jacket (read coat) which if required may be put on at the last moment.Wearing a decent wrist watch may give good impression especially when the interviewers are of the older generation.

Hair style must be normal, formal and  conservative unless one is going for a creative job or an artistic job like say an advertising agency.

A lady dressed in a business suit or in a saree or in a designers suit discloses volumes about her personality, especially by the way she carries herself in the clothes she is wearing. In a campus placement for a multi national company wearing a business suit may look more appropriate but for a regulators like SEBI or RBI a saree or a decent suit may be a better choice. Personal accessories in case of women tell interesting story; the watch, the jewelry , the make up, the perfume, the lipstick and it’s colour etc. Unless  the job so demands the female candidates should put on no or very light make up.

It goes without saying that one should use lots of common sense while preparing to dress for the interview.