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Pleasing a woman requires understanding women.

Woman, being gentle, soft, and strong yet fragile, needs careful handling. Improper handling of a woman may result in unintended consequences and undesirable results. She’s a bundle of contradictions. If not handled carefully may even prove injurious to health.

 In case of adversities woman proves stronger than man.. The woman has grit and mettle. She is usually more firm and courageous than generally understood. Apart from just love, woman needs attention, affection and expression. More than just praise woman wants genuine appreciation. She loves to be pampered.

Woman likes men with courtesy, etiquette and good manners. Woman likes gentle, suave and caring type men.

Some Do’s and Don’ts;

Listen not only patiently but also carefully. Listening, as an art, can be developed in the company of a woman. This could be the best ‘Take Away’ for a man from a woman. Listen more and talk less.

Get up from the chair when a woman enters a room or place where you are already seated. This may sound outdated and to some even outlandish but this way of respecting and acknowledging the presence of the female is very much liked and appreciated. The man should not sit down till she sits down. Likewise is to be done when she leaves the place.

Serve her first and do not start unless she starts, in formal or official meetings. During informal settings one should be the first to offer her first even if one is not the host.

Open the car door for woman while receiving her or seeing her off.

Do not miss the opportunity of saying a few good words about the attire or the dress depending on the occasion. Knowledge of fabric material, garments and dresses as well as available brands and the market can be of great help.

If one is close to the woman one may even comment on the colour of the lipstick or nail polish or eye lashes. If one really understands one may even comment on the pedicure, manicure and make up etc. in a positive tone.

Do not praise her but admire or even adore her if necessary.

Comments like “It seems you are going to gym these days” are always pleasing to the ears of a woman. It is better than saying you have slimmed down.

Do not tell a woman that lately she has gained weight.

Avoiding and ignoring a woman, more than annoys her.

Do not be on a cell phone or do not look the other way, having taken a woman out for shopping.

Do not praise woman in the neighbourhood, a female colleague or wife or girlfriend of another friend in front of the woman you are trying to please.