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Yash Jain
B. Tech. (IITR)
Graduate Student ,Booth School
University of Chicago
Chicago, USA

Helps to make you a rounded person- sharpened my rough edges

A building wanting to stand tall needs a good foundation. This is the role Prof. Nangia has played in my professional life. I came to IIT Roorkee campus as a young and a naive 16-year old boy with lots of dreams. Prof. Nangia sharpened my rough edges – from interpersonal communication to writing effective emails. He also taught me to think structurally, a skill that has served me well throughout my career. When I was a student, I used to hate how he would pick up on little things – wrong use of grammar, my speaking skills, and among other things, not coming prepared for the meetings. But, at the end of the day, he pushed us to our limits and wanted us to pay importance to these little things that, in my honest opinion, make all the difference between leaders and followers in the long run. There are teachers who teach you the coursework very well but then there are teachers like Prof Nangia who go beyond – they work with you to make you a rounded person. I began to see how I was better trained under his guidance when I set my foot into the modern work culture and how all of it mattered. I actually ended up thanking him for being harsh on me. “Thank you for all your nit-picking. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor.” I think those were my exact words. I will take this opportunity to thank him again for vesting his time in me. Thank you for picking me, Sir. I hope to make you proud one day.