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Vinay Shankar
IAS & SECRETARY TO Government of India (Retd)

Excellent Stewardship with Intellectual Ability

When I met Prof V. K .Nangia for the first time about two decades ago, I felt here was a man who would stand out in any gathering because of his impressive personality consisting of a very pleasing appearance with sharp features, very fair Indian complexion, sweet voice, wit, wide knowledge and ability to intelligently discuss almost any subject.

Since both of us worked on many consultancy projects in IIT Roorkee, I got to know Prof Nangia more intimately.

Prof. Nangia, worked at senior levels in many organisations dealing with subjects such as finance, banking, investment banking, real estate etc. before he changed his field to a completely new one – academics at IIT Roorkee. Dr. Nangia seems to have acquired the ability to meet difficult challenges which enabled him to conceive, plan and create a new department of Management Studies. Despite many drawbacks Prof Nangia very successfully established the department and won a good name for it.

Prof. Nangia has acquired a reputation of excellence in academics and, therefore, gets invited by various governmental agencies, Universities, Institutes of Management and other organisations to be examiner of research theses, member of task forces and provide consultancy and other services in the conduct of their academic activities.

I have had the privilege of carrying out a study which was coordinated by Prof. Nangia. Apart from the excellent coordination and guidance that I received from him, his conduct of the meeting of stakeholders showed the clarity of his mind and the smooth manner in which he contributes to improve the quality of anything with which he is associated.

I have immensely enjoyed and benefited from my association with Prof. Nangia and I am sure that all those who know him and have had the opportunity to interact with him feel that it is a privilege to know him and that they have been enriched by his association with them.