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Tarun Singhal
Vice President – Engineering
Hughes Systique

Innate ability to make connections with students

The first time, I had met Prof Nangia was at a Hackathon contest where he was one of the judges. I was highly impressed with his thoughts around the innovativeness & practicality of the ideas. Around this time, my daughter was working on her MBA applications & was confused about how to go about it. I requested Prof Nangia to guide her. In the first short meeting itself, he could very quickly build a connection with her, understand her aspirations and capabilities, and based on this show her a path that could work for her. Subsequently, she has been in regular touch with the Professor and taking his guidance at different steps of the MBA journey. Sincerely thank Prof Nangia for mentoring her with his vast knowledge of management education in India and his innate ability to build a connection with the children and win their confidence.