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Prof. D P Goyal, Ph.D.
Director IIM Shillong

His contribution to the management education is immense

Prof Nangia is a distinguished academician, renowned teacher, notable researcher and an astute administrator. An outstanding leader of management education with a clear thought, Prof Nangia is an institution in itself. His contribution to the management education is immense. He is a mentor, guide and friend to a large number of professionals especially start-ups. As a professional colleague, it has always been a pleasure interacting with him.

Prof. Sunita Singh Sengupta
Dean Faculty of Management Studies
Delhi University, Delhi

A very dynamic and energetic leader

I have known Prof. Nangia for about 10 years now. A very dynamic and energetic leader Prof. Nangia has been thrice the Head of the Department of Management Studies at IIT Roorkee. My interactions with Prof Nangia have been very productive. An excellent human being who is always ready to help others. I found him a very compassionate result oriented down to earth humanitarian leader. I wish him all the success, good health and happiness.

Prof. Manoranjan Parida , Deputy Director
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IITR)

Visionary Leadership

Prof V.K.Nangia was the first professor in the Department of Management Studies at IIT Roorkee (formerly University of Roorkee). As Head of the Department for three consecutive terms, he laid a strong foundation of the Department. Due to his visionary leadership, Department stands among top 10 B-schools of the country as per NIRF within 20 years of its establishment. He also brought one of the largest funded project for the department under multi-institutional collaboration. In this project Prof Nangia was PI, gave a wide visibility to the department at national and international level.  Prof. Nangia had a rich experience of working in corporate sector. Thus, he could help the department by establishing strong industry connect. Some of the best resources from industry used to be visiting faculty members in the department. He always used to emphasize on personal mentoring of students. Till date he is still popular in the campus among UG/PG students.

Prof. Neena Sinha
Dean ,University School of Management Studies
Guru Govind Singh Indra Prastha University
(GGIPU), New Delhi

Leader, Mentor and Motivator

Professor Nangia is a true leader, mentor and a big motivator. His contribution to the body of knowledge is exceptional. He has the ability to motivate his team to achieve their best. His thought leadership has been inspirational for an entire generation of Management Faculty. He has been instrumental in creating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the organizations he served.

Prof. Santosh Rangnekar
Professor & Former Head
Department of Management Studies
IIT Roorkee, Roorkee

Institution Builder

I have known Professor Vinay K Nangia since 2003 when I joined IIT Roorkee as a Faculty. After being a successful banker and a business leader in India and overseas he had a stint of entrepreneurship. In 1998 when he joined IIT Roorkee as a Professor he was instrumental in setting up MBA (1998) and MCA (1999) programs. In 2019 he guided and mentored setting up of BBA MBA & MBA in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Venture Development programs in NSUT Dwarka, New Delhi as Emeritus Professor. He is on the boards of several academic and other organisations. In last 22 years as a Professor he has taught, trained, counselled, coached, guided, advised and mentored thousands of students in the choice of courses, programs, choice of colleges and Universities in India and overseas for higher studies. He conducted number of workshops and sessions for CV and Resume making and Interviews on a regular basis. A large number of students always surrounded him for guidance for higher education, preparation for Civil Services (UPSC) selection and career counselling. He was involved in setting up of Incubation centre in very early stage at IIT Roorkee. Number of students from main campus and Saharanpur campus always looked up to him for validation of ideas, commercial, financial and legal advice and early stage funding. Number of Startups from IIT Roorkee from within and outside campus have been mentored by him in last 15 years. Professor Nangia is a regular Speaker at Faculty Development Programs of Delhi University and many other institutions. I wish Professor Nangia sir good health and happy life ahead.

Dr. Satish Kumar
Head of the Department and Associate Professor
Department of Management Studies
Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur
(MNIT), Jaipur

Mentor Par Excellence

I have a pleasure to know Prof. Vinay Nangia, since 2008, when I joined Ph.D. Program at DOMS, IIT Roorkee. It has been over a decade I am in touch with a person who is a fantastic mentor to his students. If you meet him once, you find every reason for talking to him again because of his approach toward every aspect of life. He has lifted the lives of many students all over India through his mentorship. He is a thorough professional who is never in a hurry to make a decision. His approach is straightforward- do a clear cut cost-benefit analysis (not only financial but more than that) and then decide. Above all, a great human being, a pleasing personality, and all other characteristics that is unique about this personality. His contribution to DOMS IITR and IITR cannot be explained in words as he was always busy with one or another project and keeps things moving. My suggestion is, if some are looking for the solution to any problem, seeking mentorship, he is the one who can be relied upon. He loves talking to people, visiting places, and exploring networks. Indeed a versatile personality!

Dr. Vinay Sharma
Professor, Department of Management Studies
Professor In-Charge Placement and Internship IIT (R)
Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

He taught us the skills of conducting Interviews

A very sophisticated and a pleasant personality emanating an aura to develop an immediate connect with people as he meets them, professor Nangia understands human behaviour exceptionally well.

As the fate decided I happened to apply and get selected for a faculty opening at the Department of Management Studies of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee, where professor Nangia was working as one of the founding professors and head of the department leading it very successfully for around a decade laying the foundations so well that this small department became one of the top most b-schools in India in no time.

His vision of excellence brought best results in terms of producing world class MBA students and PhD scholars on the one hand and on the other hand associating best of the industry captains and organizations alongwith getting best of the projects to the Institute.

His popularity amongst students has always been highly motivating. Apart from being personally benefitted from his experiences, I could improve on my teaching skills through continuous discussions with him on the finer points of course delivery and content development.

I could work upon several time bound creative projects with him on course and content development, organizing courses and workshops and also as a part of a very large project on Knowledge Economy in which he was the Principal Investigator.

But the most important work we did and which could happen because of his relentless efforts and enthusiasm was guiding a research and writing a pivotal edited book on management education in India published by Bloomsbury titled ‘Masters Speak on Management Education in India’. Right from conceiving this book to conducting the interviews of the stalwarts of management education in India and till the publication output Professor Nangia showed us the way, taught us the skills of conducting interviews with vastly informed and learned respondents and to bring a beautiful outcome with finesse.

He has immense administrative skills and is very creative in furthering those.

He gave me two important life time lessons which are the fundamental basis of sailing ones boat smoothly. He always said that ‘if you are good at heart people will know it and will let you come near’ and ‘if you have wish to get things done, go to them and politely talk to them’.

These two lessons always depicted his belief of integrating with people, treating them respectfully and no wonders he is associated with hundreds of people and they love him.

Dr. Rajat Agrawal
Associate Professor
Department of Management Studies
IIT Roorkee, Roorkee

He has a strong network of academicians in the country

I was one of the luckiest person to get opportunity to work under the direct mentorship of Prof Nangia. He was founder head of DoMS, IIT Roorkee and served for three consecutive terms spanning around 10 years. He has a Charismatic personality which attracted huge number of B Tech students to our department. He is an example of Industry- academia relationship. He has a strong network of academicians in the country which resulted in Unique Book “Masters Speak” where development of management education in India is described by senior most persons in the country. At the same time he has very lively network with Industry professionals including IT, Banking Consultancy etc. He has a very wide bandwidth of human relations. Students love his company in their parties and he is also invited by top bureaucrats for policy level discussions. His one of the most important skill is “Institutional Development”. DoMS, IIT Roorkee is one such example, where he put his visionary thinking to make it one of the top B-School of the country. It is an example of Level 5 leadership which Jim Collins describes in his famous book Good to Great. I feel really excited in writing this recommendation for Prof Nangia

Dr. Rajib Lochan Dhar
Associate Professor
Department of Management Studies
IIT Roorkee, Roorkee

Dynamic Person & a Very Popular Teacher

I have known Prof. Nangia since last 8 years as a senior Prof. in DOMs, IIT Roorkee. He has been a very dynamic person, a very popular teacher, leader and Consultant. Has always been living a larger than life style.

Dr. Ashu Khanna
Associate Professor
Deptt. Of Management Studies
IIT Roorkee, Roorkee

Never Tired of Answering the Questions

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for excellent mentorship provided by Professor V.K Nangia, former HOD, Department of Management studies IIT Roorkee from time to time. The knowledge and wisdom that Prof Nangia possess is incredible. He has inspired many people including myself through his brilliant work, excellent human skills and altruistic attitude. His soft skills and knowledge of business is commendable. I have always seen him as a great administrator and an excellent teacher, who is always willing to share his skills with his subordinates and students, and is never tired of answering their questions, messages and calls. He has always guided me through difficult times and has shown me the right path. He has made great difference in many people’s life by showing confidence in them and pushing them towards success. Professor Nangia’s guidance and support is an invaluable gift to his peers and subordinates.

Prof. Madhu Vij
Professor of Finance
Faculty of Management Studies
Delhi University, Delhi

Positive and Caring Attitude

Prof Nangia is an academician of repute who has always impressed his academic colleagues, seniors and students with his intelligence and passion for teaching and research. As a Faculty I have known him to be very dedicated, empathetic and sensitive to his students. Prof Nangia’s strong belief in his ability to acquire new skills, positive and caring attitude and continuously improve through practice is immensely admirable. A person of extraordinary humility, I wish him all the very best.

Dr. Mamta Sareen
Associate Professor
Delhi University

Motivates People to reach their Best Potential

Prof. Nangia has been my mentor for almost a decade. He has been an excellent friend, teacher, and a great inspiration. He has great expertise and knowledge that not only helped me but many others to pursue our career goals with hard work and dedication. He motivates people to reach their best potential and has helped shape my career and professional life. He is one person I know who masters the art of delivering feedback in a way that’s constructive, kind, and direct, and doesn’t shy away from being honest. I truly appreciate and value everything I have learned from him.

Prof. Vijita Singh Aggarwal
Professor, University School of Management Studies
Guru Gobind Singh Indra Prastha University
GGIPU, New Delhi

An Intrapreneur and a Mentor at heart

A multifaceted personality, perpetually cheerful, deeply curious, uniquely knowledgeable with profound analytical skills and ever brimming energy are only some of the things that characterise Prof Nangia. Prof Nangia brings his unique talents to any project or assignment with a force and purpose few individuals can match. Having had the advantage of straddling both the corporate landscape as well as academia, he not only has a keen sense of perspective but also has a carefully cultivated web of relationships in diverse areas of academia, industry, think tanks, and policy advocacy. I have always found Prof Nangia involved in a number of projects with equal gusto. An intrapreneur and a mentor at heart, Prof Nangia is known to build winning teams that build institutions and nurture future leaders.

Ajay Goyal
Chancellor, Quantum University

Mastery in Interviews and Academic Administration

Dr. Vinay Nangia effortlessly combines the idealism of academia with the realism of industry, a trait that he has honed over long years just as an exponent masters his art. What comes through is an uncompromisingly pragmatic, impeccably honest, multi-faceted person that one can never claim to know enough! Just when about everyone appeared prejudiced and opinionated against a business entity trying to establish a university, Dr. Nangia came upon us as a wave of fresh air. I think his grinding into the real world of banking and industry differentiated him from the rest. He had this uncanny knack to swim against the current. Right since inception, his ability to associate, to hold hand, to mentor, to contribute and to ‘get things done’ has been phenomenal. He would travel in impossible time frames to attend our meetings and help us establish our processes, sit as an expert during interviews, guide the directors and their teams in curating the syllabi; all this and more with a studied modesty, notwithstanding his larger-than-life stature at IIT Roorkee. Among his professional attributes, his in-depth mastery on matters of applied finance makes him a highly resourceful faculty for his students, and a very bankable counselor for his recipients like me, as he would always have a keen eye on the possible resource constraints whenever he would suggest any course of action. I have also been delightfully privy to his mastery in interview skills on numerous occasions. It is not without a reason that he has often served on the interview panels of the UPSC for the civil services. Generally, in first three minutes he would know whether to proceed further with the interview or not. He has this awesome ability to see through people. When most members on the panel thought that the candidate looked satisfactory, he would rip through the person with his reasons and also vice versa. A background check would almost invariably prove him right! Today, as the Chancellor of Quantum University, I realise that I have been fortunate to have Prof. Nangia in the proximity at IIT Roorkee, and to have been mentored by him from the very early stage. His participation comes in handy at every stage and continues to guide me through the maze.

Dr. Sanjeev Arora
Asstt. Professor
University Business School
Guru Nanak Dev University
GNDU, Jalandhar

Strong, Charismatic and Influential personality

A strong, charismatic and influential personality, but a modest and humble man Professor Nangia is. I am truly blessed to have Dr. Vinay K. Nangia, Ex-Head and Professor, Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee as my Supervisor. The joy of studying under his mentorship is unforgettable time of my life. I’m proud to be attached to a man who keeps an active learning and teaching schedule well into his late 60s. The arduous name in his field, he has severe performance standards and the fanatic discipline to adhere to them. I am indebted to him for giving me full freedom to work in my area of interest. He continually reinforced my faith in the potential of the project, and invested hundreds of hours in sharing his practical experiences, supporting me in developing industry contacts, criticizing my work, offering suggestions, and pushing me at every turn to make the work better. A tough supervisor he is, it isn’t easy to live up to his standards of discipline and consistency over time. But he is the one who always persuaded me to meet the targets of my work. He has a particular genius for inspiring people to embrace discomfort. Due to his wonderful traits and a responsible personality, his name resonates high in my heart. He is always a fatherly figure to me. The warmth and energy he exhibits in his behaviour have always inspired me bring more skill not only in my academic career but in my life as a whole. Even after receiving vast laurels and admirations in his academic and industrial fields, he is a down-to-earth man always ready to help his students. I particularly remember his inspiration and financial support to me for visiting an international conference. Not only can one learn from his areas of professional expertise but also from how he manages his life on various other fronts; of health and of joys of life. He’s very intense about everything he does-be it happiness or anger. His regimens to cure himself from a life threatening disease and to join back his duty were extraordinary incidents of his life. He maintained an intense professor schedule by day and a happy and disciplined approach to wrestle with the challenges of life. He is still on move; making his post retirement time more creative, more impactful, and filled with more learning and joy. I must salute Nangia Sir for his insight, perspective, and candour.

Dr. Ritika Mahajan
Asstt. Professor
MNIT, Jaipur

Imparts very practical and useful knowledge

It is my privilege to write about Prof. V.K. Nangia who has been my Ph.D. supervisor, guide, mentor and teacher. I owe a lot to him for what I am today in my professional life. He instills tremendous confidence in his students, makes them think, analyse, work hard, and pursue things whole-heartedly. He imparts very practical and useful knowledge that will stay with you for life. He is the best person to approach if you want to learn management. I am blessed that I had the opportunity to be one of his students.

Prof. Dr. Dayanand Arora
Professor of International Business
HTW Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Very well connected in Industry, Academia and Government

It gives me immense pleasure to recommend Professor Vinay Kumar Nangia for his energetic and mature contributions in new projects and positions. I know him since 2007, when I was visiting IIT Roorkee at the invitation of Professor Gauri Shankar Singh, Professor of Physics. Prof. Nangia was Head of Management Department at that time. His outgoing style and friendly nature immediately impressed me. We have been interacting in different projects and conferences since that time. It has been a distinct privilege for me to call him a friend since then. Whenever I meet him, I enjoy discussing with him various topic of common interest and relish his mature guidance. During this period, I have found him to be not only knowledgeable and resourceful but dynamic and enterprising. His areas of expertise stretch from Banking and Finance all the way to Investment Banking, Project Financing, General Management and Education. I know him as a professor who has been on the boards of several academic and professional bodies since last 15 years. He is very well connected in industry, academia and government. I also notice that he is one of the most sought-after Professor by the students from all disciplines in undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs. His sincere efforts at connecting with students is always visible in helping, guiding, advising, supporting, counselling and mentoring them without discrimination. Even students who graduated 15 or 20 years back remain in touch with him and continuously avail of his mentorship. Professor Vinay Nangia has a unique distinction of serving industry for about 24 years In India and abroad and academia for about 22 years as a Professor. He has special expertise for not only taking interviews but guiding the candidates for preparing for interviews. He is regularly invited as member in various selection committees for Faculty Selection, MBA Admissions and even senior appointments in Government. He is also active as Advisor in Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). I am confident that students and professionals everywhere shall continue to benefit from Prof. Nangia’s able guidance. I wish Prof. Nangia all success in his future endeavors.

Vipul Chaturvedi
Graduate Student
Chemical Engineering & Material Science
University of Minnesota,
Minneapolis, USA

The work ethics, communication, and leadership skills I learned from him gave me a unique advantage as a Ph.D. candidate

I first met Prof. Nangia during my sophomore year at IIT Roorkee 7 years ago and I have been fortunate to have Prof. Nangia as my mentor since then. He has constantly guided me in my pursuit of an academic career and his teachings have shaped the very person I am today. Even though I was a science major, his thoughts and views have been instrumental in my professional and interpersonal development. I learned a wide range of interpersonal skills from him ranging from writing effective emails to delivering influential talks. During my undergraduate years, he constantly encouraged me to gain exposure to the research world, supporting my applications for foreign internships that led me to develop a deeper sense of scientific research. He has been a pillar of strength for me during times of personal crises and he has been supportive of me not just as a mentor but also as a friend. I realized the true value of his teachings once I graduated from IIT Roorkee and started my graduate studies in US. The work ethics, communication, and leadership skills I learned from him gave me a unique advantage as a Ph.D. candidate. Prof. Nangia’s vast experience in corporate, government, and academic sectors combined with his candid and humble personality has helped me to develop a holistic view of life. He continues to inspire me to become a better student, researcher, and person and I hope to someday give back to society like he has by mentoring so many students. “Sir, if I could be half as happy at your age as you are today, I will think of myself as a successful person.” This is the toast I gave during his retirement event at IIT Roorkee and I still stand by these words.

Dr. Aashita Kesarwani
Scientific Computing and Data Science Specialist
Harvey Mudd College Researcher
Claremont, California, USA

Most Inspiring Professor

Prof. Vinay Nangia is one of the most inspiring professors I had known from my undergraduate years at IIT Roorkee. He advised and mentored me, along with some peers, to start a series of workshops on MATLAB that grew into a student initiative called Group for Interactive Learning holding workshops, guest lectures, and other events in a wide range of topics that were very well received by IIT Roorkee community. I found Prof. Nangia very insightful, thoughtful, and full of wisdom and knowledge. He is gifted with the skills to bring out the best in people and would generously invest his time and energy to cultivate communication and leadership skills in undergraduates working with him. One of the qualities that set him apart from most other professors in my college was that he would treat the students the same way he would treat his colleagues and in turn, would command a lot of respect and gratitude from students for his positive influence on them.

Rashika Ramola
Ph.D. Candidate at Khoury College of Computer Sciences,
Northeastern University
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Excels at communicating not just the ‘What’ but the ‘Why’

Prof. Nangia is the star teacher, mentor, leader and human being that many students have looked up to throughout their careers. He motivates his students to perform at their best and excel at communicating not just the ‘what’ but the ‘why’ behind their endeavors. At IIT Roorkee, his schedule used to be packed with meetings with several students (in groups and individually) and this speaks to his natural abilities as a coach, mentor, and role model. His strong corporate background, quick wit, vast knowledge base and generosity make him particularly popular among the students. Prof. Nangia is an exceptional person and professional, and his mentorship would bring out the best in any student or organization. I have known him for 8 years now, and his mentorship continues to shape the trajectory of my career. He was very supportive and helpful during my job searches and applications for higher education. I highly, highly recommend him!

Gurdeep Singh
Ph.D. Candidate
University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada

Great Mentor, Motivator, Speaker and Leader

I am highly grateful to Prof. V.K. Nangia who mentored me for three years and had a major influence in my leadership development during my undergrad at IIT Roorkee. Prof. V.K. Nangia is a great mentor, motivator, speaker, leader and one of the best in the field of management studies. Under his guidance, I led 60 B.Tech. students of IIT Roorkee for almost three years for ‘Students’ Initiative for Integrated Rural Development (SIIRD)’ now matured as Unnat Bharat Abhiyan. Every interaction and meeting with him were full of wisdom, philosophy, foresight, professionalism and I learnt many great qualities from him. He was, he is, and he will always be a source of inspiration for me and many other IITR alumni to work for the welfare of humanity and social service.

Vaishali Jain
B. Tech. (IITR) Goldman Sachs India
Graduate Student
Duke University, USA

Highly talented and experienced individual

I met Prof. Nangia when I approached him to help one of my friends in a dire situation. That one meeting gave me the opportunity to gain mentorship from a highly talented and experienced individual. He is thoughtful, insightful, and highly supportive. When I was confused about which field to choose for my further education, he provided me practical and meaningful advice. He provided me a different perspective to look at my options, and weigh the pros and cons associated with them. His suggestions are always customized to one’s background, interests and requirements. His guidance pushed me to think about what would work best for me, rather than what looks appealing from the outside.

Gaurav Nemade
B. Tech. (IITR)
Product Manager, Google AI
Mountainview, California, USA

Teaches "How to Think."

Prof. Nangia was one of the most influential people for me personally (and many others I know) on the IIT Roorkee campus, and I owe so much of my learnings to him. He was one of the few professors who took the pain and effort to teach students “how to think.” He provided unique opportunities to me & others ranging from working in rural villages, which helped me understand the grass root realities of the country, to attending global conferences where I met & learned from top leaders of the world. These experiences and the leadership skills I imbibed working under his guidance still help me today and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. He has had immense impact on generations of students and I can only imagine the amount of cumulative impact his efforts have created in this world! Thank you for everything Prof. Nangia! You have been a true inspiration and I certainly hope to pay it forward!

Cashmira Pramanik
B. Arch. (IITR)
M. Sc. Management
London Business School
London, UK

Nurtured and Groomed me during my formative years

I had the good fortune of being Prof. Nangia’s student at IIT Roorkee. He was not only my Professor but a great mentor. He nurtured me through my IIT years and shaped my perspective on various things and influenced my outlook on life as a whole. I feel very blessed that he guided me during my formative years, encouraged me to try new things, travel abroad, and go for a foreign education and value happiness. A strong proponent of practice based curriculum and education, I worked under him on the MHRD sponsored Knowledge Economy project and produced three research papers. That was a huge learning curve for me and something I thoroughly enjoyed doing under him. Some other activities I did under him include co-founding a student led active learning community, Group for Interactive Learning, participating in Acara Entrepreneurship Fellowship and working in group for better understanding the nuances of various English words for communication. He was very instrumental in helping me decide geography and universities for pursuing post-graduate education, and he groomed me through during my business school applications and interviews. A generous human being, a philosopher and a visionary, we often took long walks together and they are my most cherished memories of spending time with him. These days we keep in touch on and off, and he always keeps an eye out for my well-being, like my parents do.

Yash Jain
B. Tech. (IITR)
Graduate Student ,Booth School
University of Chicago
Chicago, USA

Helps to make you a rounded person- sharpened my rough edges

A building wanting to stand tall needs a good foundation. This is the role Prof. Nangia has played in my professional life. I came to IIT Roorkee campus as a young and a naive 16-year old boy with lots of dreams. Prof. Nangia sharpened my rough edges – from interpersonal communication to writing effective emails. He also taught me to think structurally, a skill that has served me well throughout my career. When I was a student, I used to hate how he would pick up on little things – wrong use of grammar, my speaking skills, and among other things, not coming prepared for the meetings. But, at the end of the day, he pushed us to our limits and wanted us to pay importance to these little things that, in my honest opinion, make all the difference between leaders and followers in the long run. There are teachers who teach you the coursework very well but then there are teachers like Prof Nangia who go beyond – they work with you to make you a rounded person. I began to see how I was better trained under his guidance when I set my foot into the modern work culture and how all of it mattered. I actually ended up thanking him for being harsh on me. “Thank you for all your nit-picking. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor.” I think those were my exact words. I will take this opportunity to thank him again for vesting his time in me. Thank you for picking me, Sir. I hope to make you proud one day.

Adarsh Goyal
M. Tech. (IITR)
MS in Business Analytics, Purdue University
Business Technology Analyst, ZS
Thousand Oaks, California, USA

Full of Energy with strong Work Ethic

It has been over 8 years since I first met Nangia Sir. I consider myself to be immensely blessed to have met Prof. Nangia as a student, mentee, and a friend. I still clearly remember the first time I met Prof. Nangia. I, along with 20 other fresher year students, waited eagerly for him to join us in the conference room. As he authoritatively walked into the room, everyone was awestruck by his charming presence. He inspired us with his strong leadership and captivating conversation in his first address itself. Prof. Nangia is full of energy and has a very strong work ethic. I was lucky to have worked with him throughout my 5 year time at IIT Roorkee. I learnt from him the art of communication (both verbal and written) and was able to work on and develop my leadership skills under his guidance. His exuberance always has and continues to motivate me to push harder. With his vast experience in banking, finance, education and governance, he groomed us into well-rounded individuals. I was therefore able to expand my interpersonal skills and learned to balance relational, professional and creative areas of my life. Above all, he developed in me a positive mindset and inculcate the right kind of attitude which changed the way I approached my problems. Like many others, I too was very confused and was struggling to figure out my career at the end of my pre-final semester. Prof. Nangia advised me to pursue higher studies and suggested exploring the new field of Data Science and Analytics. His immense experience and expertise in the field of education helped me plan my masters in the United States. Within a short period of time, I was able to figure out the courses, universities, application, letter of recommendation and finances. Moving to US for Master’s remains one of the best decisions that I have taken thus far, and it truly paid. I shall forever remain indebted to him for his invaluable time and mentorship. I wish Prof. Nangia the best of health and life. And I hope to continue learning from him.

Jatin Anand
Manager Risk Advisory
Deloitte UK

Versatile Professional in many domains

It is a pleasure for me to write recommendation for Prof Vinay Nangia who was one of the most influential reason for me to pursue MBA program at Department of Management Studies IIT Roorkee. Prof Nangia is a motivated, forward-thinking individual with mammoth knowledge in his field of creating techno managers. His enthusiasm and dedication while teaching was both inspiring and motivating. He is also a versatile professional in several domains and an excellent speaker, mentor and public policy expert. The way he effortlessly used to explain to most complex situations was joy to hear and I am fortunate to have studied under the aegis of such gifted personality. He is constant source of guidance and I look upto him and follow his thoughts/articles which I am sure an inspiration for many. Thanks for everything Nangia sir!

Sumit Kapoor
Senior Finance & Strategy Expert
Former CFO ZEE Media Corporation Ltd.
New Delhi

‘Multifaceted’ expertise with ‘Multifunctional’ exposure

Prof. Nangia was the Head of the Department of Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee, while I was doing my MBA. Prof Nangia is a seasoned professional with ‘Multifaceted’ expertise in the areas of management, finance, government projects and education. He is a person with ‘Multifunctional’ exposure and one who has been able to blend all these areas well with a clear understanding of the underlying currents. With an in-depth understanding of formulation, articulation, advancement and deployment of actionable strategies, based on networking, Prof Nangia has proven himself as an outstanding individual, and a mentor, with the capability to work with, & lead, competent teams with bias for action & clarity of purpose. He is a thorough professional who would prefer to understand the situation well, from different perspectives, before commencing any work on it. Being the HOD of an emerging department (DOMS) in IIT Roorkee comes with its own set of challenges. With Prof being at the helm of affairs, it was always easy for students, and other stakeholders, to sail through the journey with focus on their respective areas while the department related challenges, operations and strategic matters were well led by Prof Nangia seamlessly. I personally respect him for his approach based on Learning through Experiments in life; a person who believes in being amongst the early ones to try so that even if one fails, one learns early and then can perform to outclass many others. It’s his approach that once made me feel (during my MBA times in IIT Roorkee when Prof Nangia was our HOD) if we will be left with things for us to work upon, considering the pace he would move ahead with. He always gave us a sense of being competitive in everything we do. A blend of a strict elderly person for all key aspects in our life, and a cool friend in all times of fun, is how I shall summarize him. Always look forward to a mentor, a friend and something beyond that, in him.

Saksham Agrawal
B. Tech (IITR)
Product Manager
Goldman Sachs, Bangaluru

Mentor and Guide for Career and Education

I met Prof. Nangia at IIT Roorkee, when I signed myself to work for a Rural Development Project. From that day onwards, he has been a constant source of guidance and support for me. His mentoring has not only helped me groom my skill set, but has also shaped me into the individual I am today. He has helped me learn to write appropriately toned Emails, to make industry specific CVs, to write intention focused SOPs, and to understand the corporate machinery, which continues to place me at par with the top one percent applicants in any interview. One’s relationship with Prof. Nangia, changes quickly from a ‘Mentor – Mentee’ arm’s length connection to a more friendly bond, where one feels comfortable to seek guidance for smallest of the issues and gradually starts having a better perspective to real life problems.

Vinay Shankar
IAS & SECRETARY TO Government of India (Retd)

Excellent Stewardship with Intellectual Ability

When I met Prof V. K .Nangia for the first time about two decades ago, I felt here was a man who would stand out in any gathering because of his impressive personality consisting of a very pleasing appearance with sharp features, very fair Indian complexion, sweet voice, wit, wide knowledge and ability to intelligently discuss almost any subject.

Since both of us worked on many consultancy projects in IIT Roorkee, I got to know Prof Nangia more intimately.

Prof. Nangia, worked at senior levels in many organisations dealing with subjects such as finance, banking, investment banking, real estate etc. before he changed his field to a completely new one – academics at IIT Roorkee. Dr. Nangia seems to have acquired the ability to meet difficult challenges which enabled him to conceive, plan and create a new department of Management Studies.  Despite many drawbacks Prof Nangia very successfully established the department and won a good name for it.

Prof. Nangia has acquired a reputation of excellence in academics and, therefore, gets  invited by various governmental agencies, Universities, Institutes of Management and other organisations to be examiner of research theses, member of task forces and provide consultancy  and other services in the conduct of their academic activities.

I have had the privilege of carrying out a study which was coordinated by Prof. Nangia. Apart from the excellent coordination and guidance that I received from him, his conduct of the meeting of stakeholders showed the clarity of his mind and the smooth manner in which he contributes to improve the quality of anything with which he is associated.

I have immensely enjoyed and benefited from my association with Prof. Nangia and I am sure that all those who know him and have had the opportunity to interact with him feel that it is a privilege to know him and that they have been enriched by his association with them.

Rangan Dutta, IAS Retd
Former Director General
Council for Advancement of People’s Action and Rural Technology
(under the aegis of the Ministry of Rural Development )
Senior Consultant, Planning Commission
Scientific Consultant in the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India

Empathy for the aspirants

I have much pleasure in stating that I have had the opportunity to work with Prof Vinay Nangia   during 2019-20 in a continuing program to guide the youth to succeed in the competitive examinations conducted annually by the Union Public Service Commission. Prof Nangia’s formidable academic and professional qualifications apart—- a PhD in Management and  Supervisor of PhD theses of IITs and other universities for years, several assignments under the UN system, in merchant and investment banking and for over 5 years Government of India chair Professor of Knowledge Economy —an Expert member of the UPSC Selection Board for the personality test of candidates for appointment to the Indian Administrative Service, the Indian Foreign Service and the other services under the Central government etc. what has impressed me most is his empathy for the aspirants, respect for their views and diverse family, cultural and academic backgrounds and keenness to help them to improve. Prof Nangia’s sharp analytical skills and articulation covering a wide range of subjects has been of immense value to make assessment of the potentials of the aspirants and success of the program. His forte, I observed is in unraveling interrelationships between seemingly different subjects and disciplines which is critical not only for policy and decision making in government and business in a broad sense but also in academia.

I found Prof. Nangia’s contribution to our work invaluable and I feel that the Public institutions across the country should make appropriate use of his vast expertise in various fields.

Dr. Nirmaljeet Singh Kalsi
IAS (retd)
Former ACS Home PB, MHA GoI

Incomparable Enthusiasm and Unending Energy

For almost two decades I have known Professor Vinay Nangia as a Professor, Head of the Department at IIT Roorkee, Ph.D. Guide, and as Consultant to the various projects assigned to IIT Roorkee from UNDP, World Bank, Government of India, State Governments and MNCs. Prof. Nangia has served as a banker in India and abroad, as a top-level business executive in India and overseas and in Education domain as a Professor for a total period of 46 years. In addition to being Head of Department of Management Studies three times, he has been on the boards and councils of various universities and likes of All India Management Association (AIMA) Beuaro of Indian Standards (BIS) and Indian Institute of Material Management. He has authored two books, one on Management Education i.e. “Masters Speak” and another on Banking “Smart Banking- an Introduction”. His social work in rural areas is well recognized and appreciated. Prof. Nangia has a multifaceted personality. A man with a pleasant disposition, always cheerful, with incomparable enthusiasm and unending energy. Dr. Vinay Nangia is a sweetheart of students who swear by him. He is always available to students of all age groups for any guidance, advice, help, support, and mentoring: be it for higher education, placements, job hunt, preparing CV or preparation for Interviews or career counselling. Students come to him for the choice of courses, programs, colleges, universities, choice of companies, career, and even for preparation for Civil Services exams conducted by UPSC-particularly Interviews.

Dr. Kapil Joshi, IFS
Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forest

Constantly inspiring and influencing personality

In the year 2011, I first met Prof. V.K. Nangia at Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, along with some of my IIT colleagues. It was a formal meeting and I expressed my willingness to join as a researcher in Department of Management Studies. With extreme curiosity and intrigue Prof. Nangia asked me about my intentions for joining as a researcher inspite of having a current successful career and a good posting as a Chief Conservator of Forest in my home state. I was not well prepared to reply exactly to what he intended to know. He kept me thoroughly engaged by asking many more questions about my working conditions, nature of work, future prospects of the service and so on. It was a 30 minutes meeting and when I came out from his office I had decided that I will certainly do my research work from this place only. The very determination to do so was the hypnotic personality and the knowledge depth of Prof. Nangia, which influenced me so deeply that I really wish to own few traits of him.

Though it was not mandatory for me to be in his classes but I intentionally attended some of it and I found his talks so useful, functional, practical and factual that till date I have an audio copy of that which I keep on listening to refresh my memory. His orations are full of knowledge which provides theoretical as well as practical understanding of a subject. Facts and information shared by him simply shows his exceptional skills acquired through experience and education. I find his punctuality, sincerity and honesty to the class as remarkable and uncommon.

While doing my PhD, he truly inspired me to work as a researcher by leaving the backdrops of my bureaucratic setups which inherently, I had attained during the course of my last 24 years as an Indian Forest Service Officer. He always showed me a perfect way out wherever I found myself in a fix. I earnestly appreciate his humility, precise guidance and a selfless genuine concern during my research work in the Department of Management Studies.

Professor Nangia shall always remain a constantly inspiring and influencing personality for me. His juvenile, sporting and stress relieving temperament really motivate me to proceed more systematically and meticulously in my life. I can never forget his pivotal role in my personal and academic life.

He owns a distinguished style, perfect attire, a charismatic personality, a compassionate heart and a sacred soul. He is simply a tender-hearted, good-natured, sweet-tempered, loving & learned human being.

Ramesh Pandey
IFS, Chief Conservator of Forests
Government of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow

We found him thorough and giving extremely relevant and meaningful insights

Professor Vinay Nangia and I have had a long association of more than a decade. I was introduced to him when I joined the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME), Government of India. Upon interacting with Professor Nangia, I could discern one of the most enriching aspects of his personality – that he readily mixes with people of any and all age groups very seamlessly and smoothly. There is no barrier to communication with him, for anyone, such as his young students when it comes to extending a friendship with him. He is a friend, philosopher and guide. Always accessible and welcoming, he is up for discussions ranging from economics, development, industry, finance, banking, marketing to music, art, culture – essentially – almost every sphere of life. He is a knowledge bank and extremely amicable and warm in nature. His charming and pleasant personality puts everyone at ease.

Further, I’d like to mention my interaction with him as a fellow professional where we had roped him in as an expert on management, small businesses, technological interventions, giving impetus to small industries and inputs on policy formulation and program implementation at the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. We found him thorough and giving extremely relevant and meaningful insights wherever his deliberations were required. He was a member of the core team that conceptualised the Technology Centre System Program (TCSP) of the Ministry which eventually got converted into a program with support in funds from the World Bank for creation of new Technology Centres. Not only this, for making the existing Technology Centres profit-making, Profesor Nangia gave catalytic suggestions, owing to which, the Ministry was able to transform these Centres within three-and-a-half years. He played an instrumental role by providing innovations, technical inputs and strategies.

Moreover, I would like to underline Professor Nangia’s role as an expert. I interacted with him when I was doing my M.Phil. Dissertation on Lean Manufacturing and management issues involved in it. His guidance in analysing the required managerial parameters in implementation of Lean Manufacturing in the small businesses proved to be extremely helpful.  He is a master of his subject, including the domains of banking, finance, general management and developmental economics. He served at IIT Roorkee as the Head of Department. He has mentored, taught and guided numerous students of management to excel in their professions. His niche is aptly reflected in his successful professional life.

It would not be out of context to mention about Professor Nangia as a motivational leader. He had invited me to deliver an inaugural lecture at IIT Roorkee for the Institute’s Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, which works with local communities to address the developmental challenges of rural India through innovation and intervention, which also he was mentoring at the time. I found this initiative wonderful, for its ability to rope in the fresh minds to address on-ground problems and realities being faced by the poorest of the poor. I could discern how Professor Nangia is well-connected to the youth of the society, which was truly admirable and fascinating for me.

Lastly, Professor Nangia has also consistently stood by me as a counsellor, a navigator and a guide. He keeps guiding young students in pursuing courses, attempting exams and competitions or mentoring them in their respective fields. I insisted my daughter discuss the same with him as well. He guided her in choosing her undergraduate field and institution of study, which helped us out immensely and cleared out all our dilemmas, with his expertise and experience. As a result, she could secure a seat for herself in the course of her choice in the University of Delhi.

I find Professor Nangia to be a wonderful human being and always a delight to be associated with.

Dr. Lovneesh Chanana
Vice President Government Affairs (Asia Pacific & Japan)
SAP, New Delhi

So much to learn every day from him

Prof. Nangia is an embodiment and personification of true professionalism, mentoring, guidance, counselling, enthusiasm, charm, logic, leadership, brilliance, knowledge, experience and result orientation. If you do not to get your capabilities challenged, he is not someone you should be working with. No space for average performers to work with him. There are no sweet pills in his armour. The hall mark of his working style – set very high standards of performance and then make people achieve those. I owe my association and success with academia to him. He transformed an industry professional into a contributor to academia. And I am not the only one – the list is endless. The best time to see him in action is when he is among his students. The success of his students is the fuel to his engine of transforming individuals. Many of us are truly blessed to have him as our mentor. So much to learn every day from him.

Prof. Nangia is not only a career guide but also a career maker. His personalized guidance and mentorship to my son Vatsal was the sole ingredient of his success in laying the foundation of his future in the USA. Its indeed amazing to experience his selfless, all-encompassing, holistic, collaborative, connected, analytical and logical approach to offering a helping hand to young budding professionals. Wish many more students turn sound professionals through his guidance and mentorship.

Tarun Singhal
Vice President – Engineering
Hughes Systique

Innate ability to make connections with students

The first time, I had met Prof Nangia was at a Hackathon contest where he was one of the judges. I was highly impressed with his thoughts around the innovativeness & practicality of the ideas. Around this time, my daughter was working on her MBA applications & was confused about how to go about it. I requested Prof Nangia to guide her. In the first short meeting itself, he could very quickly build a connection with her, understand her aspirations and capabilities, and based on this show her a path that could work for her. Subsequently, she has been in regular touch with the Professor and taking his guidance at different steps of the MBA journey. Sincerely thank Prof Nangia for mentoring her with his vast knowledge of management education in India and his innate ability to build a connection with the children and win their confidence.

Ranjan Verma, PMP, CSM
Sr Project Manager
SecureAuth Corporation
Houston, Texas, USA

Charismatic Personality and In-depth Knowledge

Prof. Vinay Nangia – a gem in the living world, who wants to see you achieve all your goals and be by your side at every steps of your way. His charismatic personality and the in-depth knowledge in every walks of life keep you motivated and connected. He is a pride possession in my circle. I know Mr Nangia for the last 8 yrs. Initially when I contacted to seek his help, we were like two aliens living in different parts of the world. Irrespective, he never hesitated to move an extra mile to help me out in all possible ways. I find him very welcoming, inspiring and easily approachable. Gradually as we interacted more, his generosity and kindness kept me more connected to him. To revive this connection, I never like to miss an opportunity to see him in-person. Having conversation with him in the wave of thought gives me immense strength and his knowledge & suggestion on any topic of life is a guiding star to me. Being the recipient of such Honorary Awards and the writer of books on Management and Banking sectors, his brilliance is not limited to professional approach. His work towards Charba village for the up liftment of families and individuals going through hardship of life is highly commendable. As it says, “Out of sight is out of Mind”, but this man overturns this statement. He constantly checks on me and my family well-being. He makes me feel that I’m one of his own with whom I can share Laugh, Cry and Fear of life.

Dr. Rajnish Kataria
Former Director
National Institute of Banking Studies & Corporate Management

Totally Positive Outlook

If there is a living example of Krishna’s message of total action with a totally positive outlook, it is Prof. Vinay Nangia.

Words may not be able to express my deep respect and reverence for him.

He is a perfect gentleman, an erudite scholar, a go-getter, the best friend of the select students and elders alike, and above all, a strict disciplinarian.

One has to learn so much from him.

I pray that he continues to guide and bless me as he has been doing since so many years.

With best wishes for good health, happiness & long life and regards to Prof. Vinay Nangia.

Mohinder Gulati
Ex-Chief Operating Officer
UN-Sustainable Energy for All
Rockville, Maryland

A thorough professional

I have known Vinay for more than three decades. A thorough professional who is always looking for ways to push the frontiers of knowledge, challenge the dogmas and myths, and deploy technology and scientific temper to innovate. What drives his passion for innovation is the human impact. He is a great motivator and I have been surprised by many young professionals, who I came across accidentally, have fondly referred to him as their mentor and inspiration. An inspiring educator, policy expert, and a management expert who takes a strategic system approach.

Sunil Aggarwal
Former Vice President ICICI Bank & IDBI Bank
Former Director and CEO of a private equity company in Delhi

He is forthright which makes him very trustworthy

Prof. Vinay Nangia is a unique combination of excellence in academics, banking & finance and in teaching & education. He excels wherever he is, primarily due to his passion and hard work. He has been instrumental in mentoring several persons like me in different areas of professional pursuits. He has vast following of students and friends who look upon him as a person of utmost integrity, knowledge, foresight and empathy. He is forthright which makes him very trustworthy. His advice always carries the stamp of authenticity.

Sanjay Nagi
Managing Director
Marketing Insight Consultants

Dr Nangia can recognize talent and innate ability and a short session with him will convince you that you have those abilities you never thought you had

Dr Vinay Nangia is one of those extremely rare professionals with the appropriate blend between industry and academics. I have personally known Dr Nangia for over 20 years and have benefitted significantly from his encouragement and wisdom. He is one of those few people I look up to in industry.

Dr Nangia blends knowledge extremely well with practicality and one of his unique traits is the ability to relate to young people with so much ease that you might mistake him for a young professor!! He is an extremely sensitive mentor who brings out the best in the mentee and does not just hand you down part of his abundant wisdom and knowledge – thereby enabling young people for life, career and business as a startup.

Dr Nangia can recognize talent and innate ability and a short session with him will convince you that you have those abilities you never thought you had. He is a people’s person and maintains long standing relationships. He is extremely well networked professionally both in the academic circles as well as industry. Lastly, he is an erudite scholar, still learning at this age and contributing to the world’s knowledge a well. He has written 2 books which are very readable and convey complex messages in a simple manner.

I have been fortunate to know Dr Nangia personally and professionally for over 20 years on the basis of which I write this recommendation.

Puneet Ahuja
CEO and Founder
Pata Hai Media Labs (India) Pvt Ltd
New Delhi

After meeting him I have found a lifelong mentor

Prof Nangia’s empathy is what makes him the best mentor you would probably meet. He can untie your thoughts within minutes and help you focus. If you are struggling to find your niche, verify a marketing plan, or just get started, you simply cannot go wrong with him. Out of words. It can be a life-changer to actually implement his advice. I always felt like I was getting not only my questions answered, but was able to look at the problems I had been turning over in my head a million times from a new angle – and find unique, creative solutions for them. I had always heard that he is one of the best teachers from his students. I think after meeting him I have found a lifelong mentor. I experienced many benefits as he shared his extensive knowledge and wisdom with me. Each session we had, he shared excellent ideas, helped me solve some of the big problems I was facing in my startup. Not only that he connected me with the right people and provide direction and focus drawn from his experiences as a successful teacher, mentor and very successful corporate professional. Thanks for always being there Sir!

Dhruv Dua
Discovery Nutrition
New Delhi

Helped us look at business numbers in a new light

Dr. Vinay Nangia was introduced to us through the Propel incubation platform at BML Munjal University for our health-food and nutrition startup, Discovery Nutrition. We were in the early stages of the process of raising funds for our business and Dr. Nangia came in at a point where he challenged our perspective and helped us look at business numbers in a new light. Dr. Nangia has given us an encouraging feedback on our venture, and has also offered constructive advice to help with business growth. His suggestions have always been well-suited to our business model and requirements. His advice has also never been prescriptive, which has given us the flexibility to build the business as per our vision. Dr. Nangia has a deep understanding of finance, business valuation, financial statements, accounting, company law and also how brands function. To point out a particular incident- we were able to navigate through structural hurdles in our business within a week after seeking his advice. Wherever Dr. Nangia felt we would benefit from an external source, he has time and again put us in touch with thought-leaders from various industries to guide us along the way. We have reached a point in our startup journey where we have been able to secure the interest of potential investors, and for this we are extremely grateful to Dr. Nangia and his vast wealth of knowledge, and highly recommend working with him.

Kunnwar Vijay Parmar
Founder & CEO
Wivitan Solutions India Pvt.Ltd

A man in action & full of positive energy

Prof. Vinay is a Visionary, a man in action & full of positive energy. I am lucky to get his mentorship for my startup. His deep knowledge on startup ecosystem & subject of entrepreneurship is rare to find. He leads from front!

Pramudit Somvanshi
Ingenium Education
New Delhi

You have been a Godfather to me and my team

I am writing this to let you know how your guidance and mentorship has helped our team overcome all the obstacles and reach a point of success.  You have been a Godfather to me and my team since 2016 from our college days. You trusted in our team when we were just random students trying to build our company. Your mentorship for last 4 years has been very crucial for us. Your precise advice, impeccable understanding of situations and enormous experience has helped us solve so many problems that came our way. There have been a lot of times when we lacked courage to take a particular decision but your encouragement helped us overcome our fears and made us believe in ourselves all over again.  Obviously your financials and legal understanding is second to none and it has helped us understand so many difficult legal things and make the right decision for us. Your strength of connecting us to right people has been very fruitful for us. Thank you so much for always being there for us, trusting us, guiding us and helping us reach our true potential. Your mentorship and guidance will always be crucial for us in the coming time and we hope we will be able to make you feel more proud of us.

Pramod Joshi
Founder and Partner

Epitome of excellence in life and work

I am very happy to write this note of recommendation for a man I have now known for nearly 15 years. Prof Vinay Nangia was heading the Department of Management Science at IIT Roorkee when I met him first. He came across to me as a strongly ethical, straightforward, humble and compassionate man. As its Founding Head, he had imbued the DMS, IIT Roorkee with a unique culture of meritocracy, industry relevance and practical learning. He invited me to the campus to address his students soon after we had met. I loved his direct, mince-no-words, humorous approach to life and work, and we hit it off very well. I could easily sense his love for his job, the deep respect he drew from his faculty members and the love he had for his doting students. His past industry experience had no doubt stood him in good stead in his academic avatar too! As years passed, we stayed in touch, meeting at seminars, symposia and alumni events. We discovered many common friends, both in industry and academia. Being humble to the core, he is very averse to name dropping out of context, so one only gets to know of his wide and deep network of professional contacts when one spends time talking to him. He has always found time for his students, mentees and friends. His easy going nature and friendly smile hide a tough, no-nonsense professional who has no fear in speaking truth to power. In a nutshell, he represents the epitome of excellence in life and work, and it is a privilege to count him as a senior friend and mentor. We got to work closely again more recently, when he took charge of the newly started MBA/BBA programmes at the NSUT, Dwarka, New Delhi ( I saw him burn the midnight oil in visioning, strategizing and implementing the pioneering course – MBA in Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Venture Creation – in a short time span of 4 months. Prof Nangia has been a constant source of guidance and inspiration in this recent association as well. Needless to say, Prof Nangia has served society widely and passionately all his working life, and at this stage in his life, is entitled to some relaxing times. Yet, he continues to spend a lot of quality time in helping the academic and entrepreneurship ecosystems across India. Being a simple man with a vastly rich experience, he is very sought after by universities and HEIs for their Management Boards, Selection Panels and Academic Councils. I would strongly recommend Prof Nangia for any such role as cited above.

Dr. Ajay Pradhan
President & CEO
DHI, New Delhi

Excellent Networking Person

I have known and worked with Prof Vinay Nangia since 1996, just before he joined University of Roorkee, to establish the Department of Management Studies. Prof Nangia is a true friend who not only helped and advised me during my startup business at Pathfinder Consultants, A management and human resources development recruitment, training and placement Company in the era of Y2K. Later, I was actively involved with Prof Nangia when he joined as the first Prof of the Department of Management Studies. Prof Nangia is a very fun loving and most admired friend, teacher, friend, mentor and guide. He is more of a valued friend to most of the students than a professor. He not only mentors them but also facilitates in their career building at every stage of the life. Prof Nangia is an excellent financial planner with his vast knowledge in Banking, Finance and business management. He is an excellent networking person and connects always dots to help and support others.

Sushant Gupta
Sushant Gupta
MBA in Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Venture Development Student with a start-up
NSUT Dwarka, New Delhi

His reputation precedes him

I have known Professor Nangia since he visited IIIT Jabalpur. Meeting Professor Nangia was a life changer for me. Since then I have been associated with him. I am privileged to have Sir as my professor, mentor and advisor. I met several students from IITs and IIMs who are a great admirer of Sir. His reputation precedes him. He is immensely revered in academic and corporate world. His knowledge and experience in academic finance and banking is outstanding. He is known for making complex lessons simpler. His teaching style has set an unbreakable benchmark at every institution where he has served. If you are a student of Prof. Nangia, you do not require LOR. If you wish to meet him, you must approach him with a unique and innovative idea. To guarantee your second meeting with him, you must achieve the set goal. He loves to turbocharge the best in the class engine so never ask a favour and must set your standard of performance high before meeting him. He is a man with the endless network in academia, corporate, civil services etc. He has helped me in getting the right people for the right job several times. He has guided me in making business model for my startup. He has helped me in company formation and taught me the importance of networking, documentation and report writing. The most important lesson I learned from Sir is the communication skill which has helped me in getting my company tied up with almost all top FMCG companies like Dabur, ITC, Nestle, Colgate, Adani, HUL, Emami, MTR, S C Johanson, Tata sons, Reckitt and Benckiser, Godrej, Cadbury etc in India. He never hesitates to share his invaluable connection for the accomplishment of the job. Your association with the professor is half work done for your success. I am truly grateful for his mentorship.

विकास गुप्ता
बीटेक आईआईटी रुड़की
दिव्यांग-एक उम्मीद

आपने मुझे शक्ति दी

आदरणीय गुरुजी आप एक अध्यापक के साथ साथ पिता की तरह बच्चों का हाथ पकड़ कर उनको आगे का रास्ता दिखाते हैं। मैं जानता हूं, कि वर्ष 2016 में जब मैंने बीटेक की डिग्री प्राप्त की, उस दौरान मुझे अपना कुछ करने का ख्याल आया, सर्वप्रथम मैंने आपको ही मैसेज किया, क्योंकि आपका फ्रेंडली नेचर विद्यार्थियों के प्रति बहुत सरल है और मधुर भी है। आपके मार्गदर्शन से आज दिव्यांग एक उम्मीद सामाजिक संस्था करोड़ों दिव्यांगजनों के लिए देशभर में कार्य कर रही है। आपने मुझे वह शक्ति दी, चाहे वह राजनीतिक दृष्टि से हो, आर्थिक हो या किसी भी तरह की सलाह आपसे लेनी हो, आप 24 घंटे हमारे साथ खड़े रहे है । आप जैसे गुरु का मार्गदर्शन मिलना, आशीर्वाद मिलते रहना किसी भी वरदान से कम नहीं है। आपका बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद