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Rashika Ramola
Ph.D. Candidate at Khoury College of Computer Sciences,
Northeastern University
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Excels at communicating not just the ‘What’ but the ‘Why’

Prof. Nangia is the star teacher, mentor, leader and human being that many students have looked up to throughout their careers. He motivates his students to perform at their best and excel at communicating not just the ‘what’ but the ‘why’ behind their endeavors. At IIT Roorkee, his schedule used to be packed with meetings with several students (in groups and individually) and this speaks to his natural abilities as a coach, mentor, and role model. His strong corporate background, quick wit, vast knowledge base and generosity make him particularly popular among the students. Prof. Nangia is an exceptional person and professional, and his mentorship would bring out the best in any student or organization. I have known him for 8 years now, and his mentorship continues to shape the trajectory of my career. He was very supportive and helpful during my job searches and applications for higher education. I highly, highly recommend him!