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Ranjan Verma, PMP, CSM
Sr Project Manager
SecureAuth Corporation
Houston, Texas, USA

Charismatic Personality and In-depth Knowledge

Prof. Vinay Nangia – a gem in the living world, who wants to see you achieve all your goals and be by your side at every steps of your way. His charismatic personality and the in-depth knowledge in every walks of life keep you motivated and connected. He is a pride possession in my circle. I know Mr Nangia for the last 8 yrs. Initially when I contacted to seek his help, we were like two aliens living in different parts of the world. Irrespective, he never hesitated to move an extra mile to help me out in all possible ways. I find him very welcoming, inspiring and easily approachable. Gradually as we interacted more, his generosity and kindness kept me more connected to him. To revive this connection, I never like to miss an opportunity to see him in-person. Having conversation with him in the wave of thought gives me immense strength and his knowledge & suggestion on any topic of life is a guiding star to me. Being the recipient of such Honorary Awards and the writer of books on Management and Banking sectors, his brilliance is not limited to professional approach. His work towards Charba village for the up liftment of families and individuals going through hardship of life is highly commendable. As it says, “Out of sight is out of Mind”, but this man overturns this statement. He constantly checks on me and my family well-being. He makes me feel that I’m one of his own with whom I can share Laugh, Cry and Fear of life.