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Rangan Dutta, IAS Retd
Former Director General
Council for Advancement of People’s Action and Rural Technology
(under the aegis of the Ministry of Rural Development )
Senior Consultant, Planning Commission
Scientific Consultant in the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India

Empathy for the aspirants

I have much pleasure in stating that I have had the opportunity to work with Prof Vinay Nangia during 2019-20 in a continuing program to guide the youth to succeed in the competitive examinations conducted annually by the Union Public Service Commission. Prof Nangia’s formidable academic and professional qualifications apart—- a PhD in Management and Supervisor of PhD theses of IITs and other universities for years, several assignments under the UN system, in merchant and investment banking and for over 5 years Government of India chair Professor of Knowledge Economy —an Expert member of the UPSC Selection Board for the personality test of candidates for appointment to the Indian Administrative Service, the Indian Foreign Service and the other services under the Central government etc. what has impressed me most is his empathy for the aspirants, respect for their views and diverse family, cultural and academic backgrounds and keenness to help them to improve. Prof Nangia’s sharp analytical skills and articulation covering a wide range of subjects has been of immense value to make assessment of the potentials of the aspirants and success of the program. His forte, I observed is in unraveling interrelationships between seemingly different subjects and disciplines which is critical not only for policy and decision making in government and business in a broad sense but also in academia.

I found Prof. Nangia’s contribution to our work invaluable and I feel that the Public institutions across the country should make appropriate use of his vast expertise in various fields.