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Ramesh Pandey
IFS, Chief Conservator of Forests
Government of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow

We found him thorough and giving extremely relevant and meaningful insights

Professor Vinay Nangia and I have had a long association of more than a decade. I was introduced to him when I joined the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME), Government of India. Upon interacting with Professor Nangia, I could discern one of the most enriching aspects of his personality – that he readily mixes with people of any and all age groups very seamlessly and smoothly. There is no barrier to communication with him, for anyone, such as his young students when it comes to extending a friendship with him. He is a friend, philosopher and guide. Always accessible and welcoming, he is up for discussions ranging from economics, development, industry, finance, banking, marketing to music, art, culture – essentially – almost every sphere of life. He is a knowledge bank and extremely amicable and warm in nature. His charming and pleasant personality puts everyone at ease.

Further, I’d like to mention my interaction with him as a fellow professional where we had roped him in as an expert on management, small businesses, technological interventions, giving impetus to small industries and inputs on policy formulation and program implementation at the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. We found him thorough and giving extremely relevant and meaningful insights wherever his deliberations were required. He was a member of the core team that conceptualised the Technology Centre System Program (TCSP) of the Ministry which eventually got converted into a program with support in funds from the World Bank for creation of new Technology Centres. Not only this, for making the existing Technology Centres profit-making, Profesor Nangia gave catalytic suggestions, owing to which, the Ministry was able to transform these Centres within three-and-a-half years. He played an instrumental role by providing innovations, technical inputs and strategies.

Moreover, I would like to underline Professor Nangia’s role as an expert. I interacted with him when I was doing my M.Phil. Dissertation on Lean Manufacturing and management issues involved in it. His guidance in analysing the required managerial parameters in implementation of Lean Manufacturing in the small businesses proved to be extremely helpful. He is a master of his subject, including the domains of banking, finance, general management and developmental economics. He served at IIT Roorkee as the Head of Department. He has mentored, taught and guided numerous students of management to excel in their professions. His niche is aptly reflected in his successful professional life.

It would not be out of context to mention about Professor Nangia as a motivational leader. He had invited me to deliver an inaugural lecture at IIT Roorkee for the Institute’s Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, which works with local communities to address the developmental challenges of rural India through innovation and intervention, which also he was mentoring at the time. I found this initiative wonderful, for its ability to rope in the fresh minds to address on-ground problems and realities being faced by the poorest of the poor. I could discern how Professor Nangia is well-connected to the youth of the society, which was truly admirable and fascinating for me.

Lastly, Professor Nangia has also consistently stood by me as a counsellor, a navigator and a guide. He keeps guiding young students in pursuing courses, attempting exams and competitions or mentoring them in their respective fields. I insisted my daughter discuss the same with him as well. He guided her in choosing her undergraduate field and institution of study, which helped us out immensely and cleared out all our dilemmas, with his expertise and experience. As a result, she could secure a seat for herself in the course of her choice in the University of Delhi.

I find Professor Nangia to be a wonderful human being and always a delight to be associated with.