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Puneet Ahuja
CEO and Founder
Pata Hai Media Labs (India) Pvt Ltd
New Delhi

After meeting him I have found a lifelong mentor

Prof Nangia’s empathy is what makes him the best mentor you would probably meet. He can untie your thoughts within minutes and help you focus. If you are struggling to find your niche, verify a marketing plan, or just get started, you simply cannot go wrong with him. Out of words. It can be a life-changer to actually implement his advice. I always felt like I was getting not only my questions answered, but was able to look at the problems I had been turning over in my head a million times from a new angle – and find unique, creative solutions for them. I had always heard that he is one of the best teachers from his students. I think after meeting him I have found a lifelong mentor. I experienced many benefits as he shared his extensive knowledge and wisdom with me. Each session we had, he shared excellent ideas, helped me solve some of the big problems I was facing in my startup. Not only that he connected me with the right people and provide direction and focus drawn from his experiences as a successful teacher, mentor and very successful corporate professional. Thanks for always being there Sir!