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Pramod Joshi
Founder and Partner

Epitome of excellence in life and work

I am very happy to write this note of recommendation for a man I have now known for nearly 15 years. Prof Vinay Nangia was heading the Department of Management Science at IIT Roorkee when I met him first. He came across to me as a strongly ethical, straightforward, humble and compassionate man. As its Founding Head, he had imbued the DMS, IIT Roorkee with a unique culture of meritocracy, industry relevance and practical learning. He invited me to the campus to address his students soon after we had met. I loved his direct, mince-no-words, humorous approach to life and work, and we hit it off very well. I could easily sense his love for his job, the deep respect he drew from his faculty members and the love he had for his doting students. His past industry experience had no doubt stood him in good stead in his academic avatar too! As years passed, we stayed in touch, meeting at seminars, symposia and alumni events. We discovered many common friends, both in industry and academia. Being humble to the core, he is very averse to name dropping out of context, so one only gets to know of his wide and deep network of professional contacts when one spends time talking to him. He has always found time for his students, mentees and friends. His easy going nature and friendly smile hide a tough, no-nonsense professional who has no fear in speaking truth to power. In a nutshell, he represents the epitome of excellence in life and work, and it is a privilege to count him as a senior friend and mentor. We got to work closely again more recently, when he took charge of the newly started MBA/BBA programmes at the NSUT, Dwarka, New Delhi ( I saw him burn the midnight oil in visioning, strategizing and implementing the pioneering course – MBA in Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Venture Creation – in a short time span of 4 months. Prof Nangia has been a constant source of guidance and inspiration in this recent association as well. Needless to say, Prof Nangia has served society widely and passionately all his working life, and at this stage in his life, is entitled to some relaxing times. Yet, he continues to spend a lot of quality time in helping the academic and entrepreneurship ecosystems across India. Being a simple man with a vastly rich experience, he is very sought after by universities and HEIs for their Management Boards, Selection Panels and Academic Councils. I would strongly recommend Prof Nangia for any such role as cited above.