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Gaurav Nemade
B. Tech. (IITR)
Product Manager, Google AI
Mountainview, California, USA

Teaches "How to Think."

Prof. Nangia was one of the most influential people for me personally (and many others I know) on the IIT Roorkee campus, and I owe so much of my learnings to him. He was one of the few professors who took the pain and effort to teach students “how to think.” He provided unique opportunities to me & others ranging from working in rural villages, which helped me understand the grass root realities of the country, to attending global conferences where I met & learned from top leaders of the world. These experiences and the leadership skills I imbibed working under his guidance still help me today and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. He has had immense impact on generations of students and I can only imagine the amount of cumulative impact his efforts have created in this world! Thank you for everything Prof. Nangia! You have been a true inspiration and I certainly hope to pay it forward!