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Dr. Vinay Sharma
Professor, Department of Management Studies
Professor In-Charge Placement and Internship IIT (R)
Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

He taught us the skills of conducting Interviews

A very sophisticated and a pleasant personality emanating an aura to develop an immediate connect with people as he meets them, professor Nangia understands human behaviour exceptionally well.

As the fate decided I happened to apply and get selected for a faculty opening at the Department of Management Studies of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee, where professor Nangia was working as one of the founding professors and head of the department leading it very successfully for around a decade laying the foundations so well that this small department became one of the top most b-schools in India in no time.

His vision of excellence brought best results in terms of producing world class MBA students and PhD scholars on the one hand and on the other hand associating best of the industry captains and organizations alongwith getting best of the projects to the Institute.

His popularity amongst students has always been highly motivating. Apart from being personally benefitted from his experiences, I could improve on my teaching skills through continuous discussions with him on the finer points of course delivery and content development.

I could work upon several time bound creative projects with him on course and content development, organizing courses and workshops and also as a part of a very large project on Knowledge Economy in which he was the Principal Investigator.

But the most important work we did and which could happen because of his relentless efforts and enthusiasm was guiding a research and writing a pivotal edited book on management education in India published by Bloomsbury titled ‘Masters Speak on Management Education in India’. Right from conceiving this book to conducting the interviews of the stalwarts of management education in India and till the publication output Professor Nangia showed us the way, taught us the skills of conducting interviews with vastly informed and learned respondents and to bring a beautiful outcome with finesse.

He has immense administrative skills and is very creative in furthering those.

He gave me two important life time lessons which are the fundamental basis of sailing ones boat smoothly. He always said that ‘if you are good at heart people will know it and will let you come near’ and ‘if you have wish to get things done, go to them and politely talk to them’.

These two lessons always depicted his belief of integrating with people, treating them respectfully and no wonders he is associated with hundreds of people and they love him.