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Dr. Satish Kumar
Head of the Department and Associate Professor
Department of Management Studies
Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur
(MNIT), Jaipur

Mentor Par Excellence

I have a pleasure to know Prof. Vinay Nangia, since 2008, when I joined Ph.D. Program at DOMS, IIT Roorkee. It has been over a decade I am in touch with a person who is a fantastic mentor to his students. If you meet him once, you find every reason for talking to him again because of his approach toward every aspect of life. He has lifted the lives of many students all over India through his mentorship. He is a thorough professional who is never in a hurry to make a decision. His approach is straightforward- do a clear cut cost-benefit analysis (not only financial but more than that) and then decide. Above all, a great human being, a pleasing personality, and all other characteristics that is unique about this personality. His contribution to DOMS IITR and IITR cannot be explained in words as he was always busy with one or another project and keeps things moving. My suggestion is, if some are looking for the solution to any problem, seeking mentorship, he is the one who can be relied upon. He loves talking to people, visiting places, and exploring networks. Indeed a versatile personality!