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Dr. Rajat Agrawal
Associate Professor
Department of Management Studies
IIT Roorkee, Roorkee

He has a strong network of academicians in the country

I was one of the luckiest person to get opportunity to work under the direct mentorship of Prof Nangia. He was founder head of DoMS, IIT Roorkee and served for three consecutive terms spanning around 10 years. He has a Charismatic personality which attracted huge number of B Tech students to our department. He is an example of Industry- academia relationship. He has a strong network of academicians in the country which resulted in Unique Book “Masters Speak” where development of management education in India is described by senior most persons in the country. At the same time he has very lively network with Industry professionals including IT, Banking Consultancy etc. He has a very wide bandwidth of human relations. Students love his company in their parties and he is also invited by top bureaucrats for policy level discussions. His one of the most important skill is “Institutional Development”. DoMS, IIT Roorkee is one such example, where he put his visionary thinking to make it one of the top B-School of the country. It is an example of Level 5 leadership which Jim Collins describes in his famous book Good to Great. I feel really excited in writing this recommendation for Prof Nangia.