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Dr. Lovneesh Chanana
Vice President Government Affairs (Asia Pacific & Japan)
SAP, New Delhi

So much to learn every day from him

Prof. Nangia is an embodiment and personification of true professionalism, mentoring, guidance, counselling, enthusiasm, charm, logic, leadership, brilliance, knowledge, experience and result orientation. If you do not to get your capabilities challenged, he is not someone you should be working with. No space for average performers to work with him. There are no sweet pills in his armour. The hall mark of his working style – set very high standards of performance and then make people achieve those. I owe my association and success with academia to him. He transformed an industry professional into a contributor to academia. And I am not the only one – the list is endless. The best time to see him in action is when he is among his students. The success of his students is the fuel to his engine of transforming individuals. Many of us are truly blessed to have him as our mentor. So much to learn every day from him.

Prof. Nangia is not only a career guide but also a career maker. His personalized guidance and mentorship to my son Vatsal was the sole ingredient of his success in laying the foundation of his future in the USA. Its indeed amazing to experience his selfless, all-encompassing, holistic, collaborative, connected, analytical and logical approach to offering a helping hand to young budding professionals. Wish many more students turn sound professionals through his guidance and mentorship.