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Dr. Kapil Joshi, IFS
Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forest

Constantly inspiring and influencing personality

In the year 2011, I first met Prof. V.K. Nangia at Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, along with some of my IIT colleagues. It was a formal meeting and I expressed my willingness to join as a researcher in Department of Management Studies. With extreme curiosity and intrigue Prof. Nangia asked me about my intentions for joining as a researcher inspite of having a current successful career and a good posting as a Chief Conservator of Forest in my home state. I was not well prepared to reply exactly to what he intended to know. He kept me thoroughly engaged by asking many more questions about my working conditions, nature of work, future prospects of the service and so on. It was a 30 minutes meeting and when I came out from his office I had decided that I will certainly do my research work from this place only. The very determination to do so was the hypnotic personality and the knowledge depth of Prof. Nangia, which influenced me so deeply that I really wish to own few traits of him.

Though it was not mandatory for me to be in his classes but I intentionally attended some of it and I found his talks so useful, functional, practical and factual that till date I have an audio copy of that which I keep on listening to refresh my memory. His orations are full of knowledge which provides theoretical as well as practical understanding of a subject. Facts and information shared by him simply shows his exceptional skills acquired through experience and education. I find his punctuality, sincerity and honesty to the class as remarkable and uncommon.

While doing my PhD, he truly inspired me to work as a researcher by leaving the backdrops of my bureaucratic setups which inherently, I had attained during the course of my last 24 years as an Indian Forest Service Officer. He always showed me a perfect way out wherever I found myself in a fix. I earnestly appreciate his humility, precise guidance and a selfless genuine concern during my research work in the Department of Management Studies.

Professor Nangia shall always remain a constantly inspiring and influencing personality for me. His juvenile, sporting and stress relieving temperament really motivate me to proceed more systematically and meticulously in my life. I can never forget his pivotal role in my personal and academic life.

He owns a distinguished style, perfect attire, a charismatic personality, a compassionate heart and a sacred soul. He is simply a tender-hearted, good-natured, sweet-tempered, loving & learned human being.