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Dr. Aashita Kesarwani
Scientific Computing and Data Science Specialist
Harvey Mudd College Researcher
Claremont, California, USA

Most Inspiring Professor

Prof. Vinay Nangia is one of the most inspiring professors I had known from my undergraduate years at IIT Roorkee. He advised and mentored me, along with some peers, to start a series of workshops on MATLAB that grew into a student initiative called Group for Interactive Learning holding workshops, guest lectures, and other events in a wide range of topics that were very well received by IIT Roorkee community. I found Prof. Nangia very insightful, thoughtful, and full of wisdom and knowledge. He is gifted with the skills to bring out the best in people and would generously invest his time and energy to cultivate communication and leadership skills in undergraduates working with him. One of the qualities that set him apart from most other professors in my college was that he would treat the students the same way he would treat his colleagues and in turn, would command a lot of respect and gratitude from students for his positive influence on them.