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Cashmira Pramanik
B. Arch. (IITR)
M. Sc. Management
London Business School
London, UK

Nurtured and Groomed me during my formative years

I had the good fortune of being Prof. Nangia’s student at IIT Roorkee. He was not only my Professor but a great mentor. He nurtured me through my IIT years and shaped my perspective on various things and influenced my outlook on life as a whole. I feel very blessed that he guided me during my formative years, encouraged me to try new things, travel abroad, and go for a foreign education and value happiness. A strong proponent of practice based curriculum and education, I worked under him on the MHRD sponsored Knowledge Economy project and produced three research papers. That was a huge learning curve for me and something I thoroughly enjoyed doing under him. Some other activities I did under him include co-founding a student led active learning community, Group for Interactive Learning, participating in Acara Entrepreneurship Fellowship and working in group for better understanding the nuances of various English words for communication. He was very instrumental in helping me decide geography and universities for pursuing post-graduate education, and he groomed me through during my business school applications and interviews. A generous human being, a philosopher and a visionary, we often took long walks together and they are my most cherished memories of spending time with him. These days we keep in touch on and off, and he always keeps an eye out for my well-being, like my parents do.