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Adarsh Goyal
M. Tech. (IITR)
MS in Business Analytics, Purdue University
Business Technology Analyst, ZS
Thousand Oaks, California, USA

Full of Energy with strong Work Ethic

It has been over 8 years since I first met Nangia Sir. I consider myself to be immensely blessed to have met Prof. Nangia as a student, mentee, and a friend. I still clearly remember the first time I met Prof. Nangia. I, along with 20 other fresher year students, waited eagerly for him to join us in the conference room. As he authoritatively walked into the room, everyone was awestruck by his charming presence. He inspired us with his strong leadership and captivating conversation in his first address itself. Prof. Nangia is full of energy and has a very strong work ethic. I was lucky to have worked with him throughout my 5 year time at IIT Roorkee. I learnt from him the art of communication (both verbal and written) and was able to work on and develop my leadership skills under his guidance. His exuberance always has and continues to motivate me to push harder. With his vast experience in banking, finance, education and governance, he groomed us into well-rounded individuals. I was therefore able to expand my interpersonal skills and learned to balance relational, professional and creative areas of my life. Above all, he developed in me a positive mindset and inculcate the right kind of attitude which changed the way I approached my problems. Like many others, I too was very confused and was struggling to figure out my career at the end of my pre-final semester. Prof. Nangia advised me to pursue higher studies and suggested exploring the new field of Data Science and Analytics. His immense experience and expertise in the field of education helped me plan my masters in the United States. Within a short period of time, I was able to figure out the courses, universities, application, letter of recommendation and finances. Moving to US for Master’s remains one of the best decisions that I have taken thus far, and it truly paid. I shall forever remain indebted to him for his invaluable time and mentorship. I wish Prof. Nangia the best of health and life. And I hope to continue learning from him.