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Sushant Gupta
Sushant Gupta
MBA in Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Venture Development Student with a start-up
NSUT Dwarka, New Delhi

His reputation precedes him

I have known Professor Nangia since he visited IIIT Jabalpur. Meeting Professor Nangia was a life changer for me. Since then I have been associated with him. I am privileged to have Sir as my professor, mentor and advisor. I met several students from IITs and IIMs who are a great admirer of Sir. His reputation precedes him. He is immensely revered in academic and corporate world. His knowledge and experience in academic finance and banking is outstanding. He is known for making complex lessons simpler. His teaching style has set an unbreakable benchmark at every institution where he has served. If you are a student of Prof. Nangia, you do not require LOR. If you wish to meet him, you must approach him with a unique and innovative idea. To guarantee your second meeting with him, you must achieve the set goal. He loves to turbocharge the best in the class engine so never ask a favour and must set your standard of performance high before meeting him. He is a man with the endless network in academia, corporate, civil services etc. He has helped me in getting the right people for the right job several times. He has guided me in making business model for my startup. He has helped me in company formation and taught me the importance of networking, documentation and report writing. The most important lesson I learned from Sir is the communication skill which has helped me in getting my company tied up with almost all top FMCG companies like Dabur, ITC, Nestle, Colgate, Adani, HUL, Emami, MTR, S C Johanson, Tata sons, Reckitt and Benckiser, Godrej, Cadbury etc in India. He never hesitates to share his invaluable connection for the accomplishment of the job. Your association with the professor is half work done for your success. I am truly grateful for his mentorship.