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Sumit Kapoor
Senior Finance & Strategy Expert
Former CFO ZEE Media Corporation Ltd.
New Delhi

‘Multifaceted’ expertise with ‘Multifunctional’ exposure

Prof. Nangia was the Head of the Department of Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee, while I was doing my MBA. Prof Nangia is a seasoned professional with ‘Multifaceted’ expertise in the areas of management, finance, government projects and education. He is a person with ‘Multifunctional’ exposure and one who has been able to blend all these areas well with a clear understanding of the underlying currents. With an in-depth understanding of formulation, articulation, advancement and deployment of actionable strategies, based on networking, Prof Nangia has proven himself as an outstanding individual, and a mentor, with the capability to work with, & lead, competent teams with bias for action & clarity of purpose. He is a thorough professional who would prefer to understand the situation well, from different perspectives, before commencing any work on it. Being the HOD of an emerging department (DOMS) in IIT Roorkee comes with its own set of challenges. With Prof being at the helm of affairs, it was always easy for students, and other stakeholders, to sail through the journey with focus on their respective areas while the department related challenges, operations and strategic matters were well led by Prof Nangia seamlessly. I personally respect him for his approach based on Learning through Experiments in life; a person who believes in being amongst the early ones to try so that even if one fails, one learns early and then can perform to outclass many others. It’s his approach that once made me feel (during my MBA times in IIT Roorkee when Prof Nangia was our HOD) if we will be left with things for us to work upon, considering the pace he would move ahead with. He always gave us a sense of being competitive in everything we do. A blend of a strict elderly person for all key aspects in our life, and a cool friend in all times of fun, is how I shall summarize him. Always look forward to a mentor, a friend and something beyond that, in him.