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Dhruv Dua
Discovery Nutrition
New Delhi

Helped us look at business numbers in a new light

Dr. Vinay Nangia was introduced to us through the Propel incubation platform at BML Munjal University for our health-food and nutrition startup, Discovery Nutrition. We were in the early stages of the process of raising funds for our business and Dr. Nangia came in at a point where he challenged our perspective and helped us look at business numbers in a new light. Dr. Nangia has given us an encouraging feedback on our venture, and has also offered constructive advice to help with business growth. His suggestions have always been well-suited to our business model and requirements. His advice has also never been prescriptive, which has given us the flexibility to build the business as per our vision. Dr. Nangia has a deep understanding of finance, business valuation, financial statements, accounting, company law and also how brands function. To point out a particular incident- we were able to navigate through structural hurdles in our business within a week after seeking his advice. Wherever Dr. Nangia felt we would benefit from an external source, he has time and again put us in touch with thought-leaders from various industries to guide us along the way. We have reached a point in our startup journey where we have been able to secure the interest of potential investors, and for this we are extremely grateful to Dr. Nangia and his vast wealth of knowledge, and highly recommend working with him.